Did you know that phaco handpieces have an average life span of 900 surgeries?

After this, they present several different issues. Piezoelectric crystals wearing off, cable breaking, water coming through the seals or dropping the handpiece by accident are the most common ones. Pricing varies between those issues. We can provide an estimate of the cost for your phaco handpiece repair, if you email us the problem or an exact offer if you let us evaluate your phaco handpiece for free.

We strongly recommend opting for a full refurbishment of your phaco handpiece. Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of phaco handpieces we are able to repair. Our full refurbishment below will make your phaco handpiece work like new and have a hassle-free warranty against any issue of 6 months included in the price. We can even extend your warranty of your phaco handpiece repair, if you wish.

  • Do you have a clinic with a heavy workload and in a constant need for phaco handpiece repairs?
  • Do you have a company and want to add a profitable service in your product portfolio?
  • Are you a competent services salesperson?
  • Do you need to repair two or more phaco handpieces?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, contact us for our discounted pricing.

☑  Did you know that manufacturers charge 4.000 – 5.000 Euros for the same service?

We don’t! Our refurbishment cost starts at 799 EUR and our phaco handpiece repair cost is usually half of that!

☑  Did you know that manufacturers don’t provide warranty for phaco handpieces?

We do! 6 month warranty is our standard, but we can extend at 12 months per your needs. After your phaco handpiece repair . your phaco handpiece is guaranteed to work perfectly!

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