With more than 150 years of experience in producing medical supplies and equipment, Smith & Nephew has grown to become a leading pioneer in the medical industry. The company acquired many companies, including Dyonics, to enhance its endoscopic division and provide better healthcare equipment for medical professionals.

This worldwide medical behemoth sells products for various medical procedures, including wound care devices, endoscopic instruments, and other surgical instruments, in over 100 countries. Smith & Nephew’s primary mission is to supply high-quality medical equipment to healthcare professionals.

Smith & Nephew provides a wide range of laparoscopes that enable medical professionals to use high-quality tools in their treatment procedures. The company combines its years of experience with innovative technology to create medical equipment that serves various purposes and caters to various medical demands.

Smith & Nephew has put immense effort into improving their endoscopy division and has been one of the pioneers in commercializing and developing endoscopic techniques. Additionally, arthroscopic equipment development is also one of the utmost priorities of Smith & Nephew to provide efficient and innovative products to enhance tissue repair.

The company’s camera systems are also one of the best in the industry, and surgeons will love to employ them for various medical procedures. These systems include 4K resolution endoscopic units, all-in-one camera systems, and high-definition visualization solutions, maximizing productivity without compromising quality and affordability.

Company History

Smith & Nephew is a London-based firm with a significant presence worldwide. Thousands of medical professionals have profited from its diverse range of medical solutions, allowing them to provide better health care and treatment to millions of patients.

Thomas James Smith started the company in 1956, operating from a small pharmacy in Hull, England. Forty years later, his nephew partnered with the company, forming and operating with the new name Smith & Nephew.

During World War I, the company provided surgical bandages and medical assistance to the French army, landing a significant breakthrough in its history. Despite its humble beginnings, the company has become one of the most well-known medical equipment manufacturers globally, serving medical professionals and patients worldwide.

Smith & Nephew is a medical company that specializes in three areas: orthopedics, endoscopy, and wound treatment. While its orthopedic section focuses on producing cutting-edge knee and hip implants, its wound management unit meets the clinical demands of healthcare professionals, allowing them to deliver better care to their patients.

The company’s endoscopy department produces high-quality endoscopic equipment using state-of-the-art technology. Smith & Nephew acquired Dyonics to strengthen this department in 1986, as Dyonics specializes in developing innovative endoscopic products to help healthcare professionals to treat their patients better.

Smith & Nephew also creates advanced instruments and products for the ENT industry and provides high-quality equipment to treat severe fractures or complex clinical demands. Sports medicine is also part of their portfolio that provides clinical requirements for various emerging markets.

In short, the company has rewritten medical history in numerous ways, with thousands of medical professionals benefiting from its medical equipment and treatment procedures. Similarly, the corporation had a significant impact on the healthcare system by providing high-quality medical equipment that was useful and affordable.

Smith & Nephew acquired several specialized companies to deliver better healthcare equipment and treatment procedures for medical professionals. The company acquired Dyonics Inc to strengthen its endoscopy division as it had in-depth knowledge about arthroscopy.

After acquiring Dyonics Inc, Smith & Nephew enhanced its operations and developed innovative arthroscopic equipment, including high-quality camera and resection systems. This acquisition boosted the company’s endoscopy division’s capabilities to new heights and helped it become one of the leading pioneers in the industry.

Their camera system uses the most up-to-date imaging technologies to assist medical practitioners in developing precise treatment plans for their patients. The LENS Surgical Imaging System, for example, blends efficiency, performance, and value into a single unit, allowing surgeons to work more efficiently.

The LENS Surgical Imaging System includes a camera head, a console, and iPad software that allow surgeons to perform endoscopic and arthroscopic treatments. The system reduces capital expenditure while simultaneously ensuring scalability to expand your system in the future. In short, medical professionals can perform better using a single unit rather than employing multiple units for the same job.

Moreover, surgeons can increase productivity and efficiency by adding Dyonics’ Wi-Fi version into the system. This feature assists healthcare workers in performing better during endoscopic operations by allowing them to treat their patients better. The LENS Surgical Imaging System is intuitive and straightforward and allows surgeons to access their patient’s medical history at their fingertips.

But intricate designs can cause problems, especially when technical faults may leave your medical equipment useless.

Our Service

Every electronic device has a limited lifespan for usage and is prone to various hardware malfunctions due to voltage fluctuations or accidental drops. While it may work effortlessly for years, healthcare professionals can expect a few hiccups during the course, even after surpassing its warranty period.

For instance, voltage fluctuations are one of the primary causes for device malfunction, which can be inevitable if your power management has faults. Likewise, accidental drops or mishandling of delicate endoscopic cameras can alter their operations. In short, proper maintenance is vital to keep these medical instruments running to minimize expenditure and service issues.

Our Smith & Nephew endoscope camera repair services will cover all your endoscope camera issues without compromising quality and affordability. We have an experienced team qualified to perform repair and maintenance service on Smith & Nephew endoscope cameras. Endoscopes are delicate camera systems and require high-quality repair to sustain their functionality and efficiency.

We use state-of-the-art machinery and advanced technology to identify and rectify problems without escalating repair prices. Our Smith & Nephew endoscope camera repair services can enhance the lifespan of your medical equipment, helping healthcare professionals to treat their patients better.

We also offer a standard warranty on all our repair works. However, you can extend the warranty period if you want to avail more benefits from our repairing services. You can contact our customer support service to learn more about our Smith & Nephew endoscope camera repair services.

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Smith & Nephew 360 Endoscope camera

Today, the field of medical tech equipment is highly competitive, with different companies producing numerous medical devices. This calls for brands that produce quality products and manage to remain ahead of the competition. One such brand is Smith & Nephew. As one of the leading medical tech companies, Smith & Nephew develops and manufactures medical devices such as the Smith & Nephew 360 that supports and assists healthcare professionals to operate at their fullest capacity with ease. The Smith & Nephew 360 is a 3-CCD Camera System loaded with several interesting features composed of quality materials – both externally and internally. The system aptly combines functionality with convenience to ease the user. This camera system does not require much expertise in terms of operation as it comes with an easy-to-use interface and settings. The 360 camera system also supports all the essential features, including a stunning display, progressive scanning system, several external connectors and many more features, which we will be discussing below.

Smith & Nephew 370 Endoscope camera

As medical procedures continue to evolve, so does the evolution of medical devices. This means that responsive and smooth medical devices go hand in hand with modern surgeries/procedures. This brings us to one such smooth medical device: the 370 Autoclavable camera from Smith & Nephew. It is an endoscopic camera that assists doctors in inspecting internal body parts for medical diagnosis. Smith & Nephew are very close to being a legend in the medical equipment area, and the 370 endoscopic camera just goes to prove how efficient their devices can be. The camera is a well-thought response to the needs of surgeons for a better and improved ergonomic autoclavable camera head design. It can be seen as a device that exceeds surgeon expectations while also providing immediate patient benefits by ensuring safe and reliable use.  

Smith & Nephew 460H Endoscope camera

As an important visualization system that assists in viewing internal body parts for medical diagnosis, endoscopic camera heads undoubtedly brings a lot to the table. But no matter how important the device is, it is equally crucial for the device to be of good quality & performance. So with this, we introduce the 460 H camera head from Smith & Nephew. For years, Smith & Nephew has been one of the leading companies in medical technology. Hence, it doesn't come as a surprise that the 460 H camera head is nothing less than excellent. The 460 H CCD camera head is expected to produce high image quality and is ideal for various medical diagnoses. Backed by an ergonomic design to assist surgeons during lengthy procedures, the 460 H is designed for comfort & accuracy.

Smith & Nephew 470H Endoscope camera

Endoscopic procedures come with many advantages. For one, the procedure tends to be less invasive along with quicker recovery, reduced blood loss, lesser scars, and more. These are some factors that skyrocket the demand for endoscopy surgery, which in turn increases the need for pieces of equipment like endoscopic cameras. This means the use of a good and advanced endoscopic camera is essential in the success of the overall procedure. One such advanced device is the 470H camera head from Smith & Nephew. Smith & Nephew, as a medical tech company, continues to produce excellent medical equipment and the 470H definitely lives up to the company's name. The 470H is an Autoclavable camera head with a progressive scan. The device excels at producing quality imaging results along with an ergonomic design to ensure lengthy procedures are completed with maximized comfort.

Smith & Nephew 560H Endoscope camera

The modern medical industry has changed drastically over the past decades, especially in terms of technology. This has allowed medical practitioners to find assistance in equipment's such as the endoscopic camera head – an imaging device that typically assists doctors during internal inspection for diagnosis or surgeries. So, speaking of endoscopic camera heads, let's have a look at the 560 H camera head from Smith & Nephew. The company itself plays a huge role in producing excellent medical equipment, and the 560 H camera head is another great example of their expertise. This 3CCD camera head comes with complete HD image quality that produces unsurpassed detail along with great color reproduction. It also sports an ergonomic design meant to minimize operator fatigue while dealing with a long or difficult procedure in general. The device is packed with features like versatile control & operation, high-speed video transmission, high-res video output, and more, making the 560 H a highly competent medical device.