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Despite high-tech machinery being developed all over the world, a diamond knife is still used heavily for medical and scientific applications. The sharp edge of the diamond knife is still preferred by ophthalmologists to ensure precision cuts in eye surgery.

The importance of diamond knives in the medical realm is very high. With the sharp edge using a diamond, this tool is always high in demand.

There are plenty of manufacturers that develop diamond knives. Among those, Keeler Accutome is also one of the most popular ophthalmic tool developers and producers. Stick around to know more about Keeler Accutome, their diamond knives, and diamond knife repair.

Keeler Accutome – History

Accutome by Keeler has been in the ophthalmic industry for over three decades. The company came to light in the 1980s, and they were the first to develop the ophthalmic pachymeter. This great feat allowed them to shine bright in the industry, and it still manages to stay on top of the game.

Accutome employs highly qualified professionals and believes in three major traits. They are Superior Customer Service, Quality, and Innovation.

Following these major traits, Accutome offers amazing quality products and services, staying true to its claims.

What does Accutome offer?

Autocome offers a lot of things. The three main supplies and types of equipment it offers are:

Clinical medications and supplies

Here, Accutome offers Biologics, PPE Products, Seasonal Rx Specials, Clinical disposables, Electrolysis,

Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals, Post-op kits, Reusable Clinical Supplies, etc.

Eye Surgical Instruments and supplies

Here, Accutome offers Bipolar instruments, calipers, cannulas, forceps, knife handles, instrument covers, sapphire knives, Lachrymal instruments, scissors, punches, retinal picks, etc.

Ophthalmic diagnostic types of equipment

Here, Accutome offers 4 sight accessories, AccuPen instruments, A-scan accessories, B-scan accessories, Pachymeter Accessories, and UBM accessories.

Accutome Diamond Knives

Hawkeye series

The knives from the Hawkeye series are one of the most popular and the best-selling knives of Accutome. The blades are 1.00 mm in width, and it comes in various styles, such as angled or straight holder.

It features aluminum handles with a J-locking mechanism.

Each and every hawkeye series blade is of top-notch quality.

Crescent Diamond Knife

These knives may be the best affordable option. It is manufactured in-house, ensuring the highest quality and best performance.

The knife holder has a J-Locking Mechanism with an angled holder, and it is made up of 100% titanium.

Sclerostomy Diamond Knife

The blade of this knife is 0.4 mm in width, and it is a harp on both sides. It has a handle made of 100% titanium, and it has a J-Locking Mechanism.

Universal Cataract Diamond Knife

These knives are known for their quality as well as their affordability. It has a blade that measures 1.0mm in width, and it is sharp on four sides. They are manufactured in-house, and feature titanium handles with a J-Locking mechanism.

Chang LRI Diamond Knife

This knife has a 1.0 mm lancet blade that has been specifically developed for the correction of astigmatism. It uses an aberrometer called the intraoperative wavefront. The handle can be customized in gold or aluminum. It has a straight handle design that ensures proper grip at a shorter distance of work. It also has a winged footplate which helps in providing superior visualization, thus reducing the epithelium drag.

It uses the highest quality diamond blade and has a J-locking mechanism that is fully retractable.

Micrometer Diamond Knife

The micrometer features a 1.0 mm blade of top-notch quality on top of a micrometer handle that is adjustable.

For superior control, it is provided with a dual footplate.

The handle is made of 100% titanium.

Diamond Knife Repair

When it comes to repairing, Accutome ensures to provide excellent customer service so that customers get the most out of their diamond knives.

Accutome has a great Diamond Knife repair policy.

They offer you 24 hours slot to repair and refurbish most of the knives. Most of your knives of any style will be repaired in under 24b hours so that you can get to work without waiting.

Another amazing deal is the Diamond Exchange Programme. Sounds fancy, right? But it is exactly what it says. Accutome offers you an exchange of your blade for the price of a repair. Your diamond will be exchanged without additional payment- just pay for the repair, and you’re good to go. You can get it replaced for a Phaco knife, Clear Cornea, or Simplicity One Pass.

The Diamond Knife Repair just keeps getting better. There is an exact size guarantee as well. Within 60 days, Accutome will adjust the width of your diamond free of cost if a larger or smaller incision is required. How amazing is this deal? You don’t even have to worry about the size not matching; you can get it exchanged for free!

Repair center

Accutome by Keeler has a technical support center of highly trained staff offering expert repairs in diamond knives and other medical tools. Their repair center is the largest repair facility in the US. This is a great feat by itself, but it also boasts various amazing deals for repairs and refurbishing.

The Repair Centre is located in the US and ensures the best technicians to help you get the best tools of the best quality.


In conclusion, Accutome by Keeler is a trusted company that produces high-quality medical supplies. Among all the medical supplies it produces, its diamond knives are known for their quality and durability.

As discussed earlier, the knives do require repairing every once in a while, and the repair policy of Accutome is just unbelievable. Not only does it offer great services, but some of them are also free of cost.

Getting your diamond knives and wondering how to get them fixed or refurbished? Accutome by Keeler will ensure that your knives or tools are well looked after. It will provide the best service required by you so that you have no complaints. Their highly qualified technicians will guarantee that you don’t have to worry about leaving your tools for refurbishing at their repair center.

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Keeler Accutome medical solutions

When we talk of quality and innovation in the medical community, one name that comes to mind is Accutome by Keeler. What was once two separate entities recently became united in the strife for medical excellence.  Accutome and Keeler have joined forces to provide a golden standard in medical technology. Moreover, ever since this alliance took place, their service to the medical community has doubled in size, quality and innovation.  The company is soon to enter its fourth and greatest decade in the world of ophthalmic enterprise. Accutome has made a name for itself in the medical community and continues to gain influence with each passing day.  But why is the brand so good? What do they have that makes them stand out from the competition? The answer isn’t some secretive and superior form of technology or groundbreaking technique. While it's true that Accutome is abundant with medical and technological ingenuity, that's not the only reason why it is celebrated today.  The Accutome brand believes in hard work and dedication to its clients, which means they always put the customers first. That's why they work vigorously on improving their customer service department. We aren’t saying that they don’t deliver on the quality and innovation; everyone is well aware of the standard brought by this household name. Accutome understands that good service is the hallmark of excellence, and they have definitely taken this to heart.  The company believes in making everything as convenient as possible for its customers. When you call Accutome, you’ll NEVER get their voicemail, even on the busiest of days. They are always available at the customer’s convenience, not their own, which is a refreshing and rare quality.  To solidify this promise, Accutome will give you a 10 % discount on your next order, isn’t that great? We guarantee that you won’t find this kind of convenience with any other company.