Whether you are working on your undergraduate degree, a second-year or first-year optometry student, ophthalmology resident, or a professional practitioner, it is important for you to know how to pick a direct ophthalmoscope. This critical piece of equipment can either hamper or improve your capability to give the highest level of care.

At Keeler, they are proud to provide a complete range of cutting-edge ophthalmoscopes and other ophthalmic tool. Since 1917, they have been producing ophthalmic tools and showing practitioners and students how to choose an ophthalmoscope. However Ophthalmon is your place to go for Keeler Ophthalmoscope repair service. Whatever your needs, from general examinations to very detailed diagnosis, we will present you how to choose an ophthalmoscope that meets your needs.

How to pick an ophthalmoscope?

When it comes to learning how to pick an ophthalmoscope, there are certain specs and attributes you should look for and need. Based on more than hundred years of innovation, Keeler handheld ophthalmoscopes provide the best mixture of amazing ergonomics, latest illumination and versatile specs. Here are a few features you will find in Keeler instruments and Keeler Ophthalmoscope repair service that may not be offered by other producers:

  • Ensure the ophthalmoscope you pick is rightly adjusted and aligned.
  • All handheld ophthalmoscope spec Keeler personal mirror alignment and wide angle light beam, which means you will view the best views of the retina regardless of the patient’s pupil size.
  • Your ophthalmoscope should be best for you and your patients
  • Keeler devices have perfectly curved surfaces that are engineered to snugly fit into the orbital bone. The contoured, curved head increases viewing angles, while the perfect lines put your patients mind at ease.

The ophthalmoscope should be designed to last

Keeler ophthalmoscopes are built from standard components and materials, so you can enjoy many years of issue free service. An ultra-durable cover paired with a powerful metal chassis work to save the precisely aligned optics. Keeler ophthalmoscopes are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use for many years to come.

Ensure you can control the light for bright, clear pictures Keeler Xenon and LED illumination are both completely adjustable, which helps make sure best diagnosis and relaxation for your patients. Keeler Ophthalmic instruments provide a complete line up of world-class ophthalmoscopes and other optometric tool.

We will listen to your needs and help you when your Keeler Ophthalmoscope needs repair.

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Keeler Pocket Ophthalmoscope

Full diagnostic capability in a compact tool make the pocket ophthalmoscope perfect for practitioners on the move. Portable A perfect choice for domiciliary and ward use or as a backup tool. Pocket clip It has a powerful metal clip that can be linked to a pocket and is run by standard AA batteries. Keeler Pocket Replacement Head and Bulb Replacement diagnostic bulb and head for Pocket Keeler Ophthalmoscope repair. Pocket ophthalmoscope specs
  1. Amazing halogen illumination
  2. 20+ to 20D lens range for effortless and clear check for all ocular structures
  3. Perfect for domiciliary or ward work or as a second tool.
Filters and apertures Wide angle illuminates the biggest area of fundus for the top possible general diagnosis via a dilated pupil.

Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope

A direct ophthalmoscope is the most utilized tool in an optometrist instrument chest. It is used every hour of every working day. Actually, any optometrist will tell you they cannot work without an ophthalmoscope. At the same time, it is also the most neglected tool when it comes to maintenance and up keep. This is where the issues generally begin. If you were to ask any optometrist when the last time they had their instrument serviced, the reply will almost definitely be "never" or "when it last broke down." I have never unlocked the ophthalmoscope. How could it possibly get dusty? General scenario: You take a dry cloth and clean the TV screen by doing so you clean the display definitely but electrostatically charges the display with a positive charge. Due to the inverse square law, the force of attractions is extra than the repulsion as the negative side is nearer and the particles experiences a net force towards the display. In simpler terms, the rightly charged TV screen is attracting the negatively charged dust particles and this is why dust generally accumulates on TV screens very fast. Immediately on opening the tool you are capable to view some general issues:
  • The retaining plate which sits on top of the lenses is dusty.
  • The power lenses have dirt along the edges of the lenses and on the real lenses themselves.
  • The black plastic cover has a clear amount of dust and that is clearly visible.
There are ophthalmoscopes that have had a hard life and definitely have been neglected up to the point where they have stopped working and they finally need to come to us for a Professional Keeler Ophthalmoscope repair.

Keeler Specialist Ophthalmoscope

Our customers tend to suffer from the following problems:
  • The lens rack does not click into place any more
  • Dust particles, make up and eye lashes often settle onto the filters and lenses. This is generally noticed when examining a patient.
  • The lens rack is extremely stiff to turn.
  • The lens rack has stuck or sized in one place.
  • The illumination is extremely dim (matched to a brand-new tool, even after replacing the bulb).
  • The illumination is intermittent (the light flickers and the illumination is not stable).
  • The mirror is broken and you cannot view anything at all.
  • The tool was dropped and nothing works
Assuming your tool has received a Specialist Keeler Ophthalmoscope repair service you should quickly notice a number of improvements: Physically on the instrument If the tool has been serviced rightly then the instrument casing should also have been fully cleaned. There should not be any kind of residue. Pay close focus to the corners where grim and dirt generally does get stuck and needs a quite bit more elbow grease to clean up.

Keeler Standard Ophthalmoscope

Ophthalmon repairs and services all Keeler ophthalmoscope, otoscopes, and retinoscopes. We have a full stock of old and new spares to cover any function issues you may be having. So no issue how old or in what situation your ophthalmoscope is in, we should be capable to put it back in best working order. We advise that a full cleaning and a Standard Keeler ophthalmoscope repair and service at least every two years. What does the repair service include:
  • Full strip down of tools
  • Clean of all lenses and optics
  • Change any worn or damaged parts
  • Rebuild and test according to producers specifications
So if your ophthalmoscope is starting to feel tired and you are having issues examining your patients because of dirty optics and lenses, why not do what countless of your colleagues have performed and use our long established repair service? We provide a full repair service of all ophthalmoscopes all through the Keeler range, from expert, to diagnostic desk and wall sets, individual handles, heads and chargers.