Diamond Knife Repair

Diamond knives have always been popular among plenty of world-class cataract surgeons. Surgeons perform over fifty procedures with the tool, and its use serves many benefits for the user.

However, whether it’s three surgeries a week or more, diamond blades must be sharpened professionally. This is because its edge tends to become dull after prolonged use.

While diamonds are considered an extremely strong material, the accidental contact from a titanium instrument tends to damage the edge.

So, if your diamond knife/scalpel seems to look okay but just isn’t cutting it (literally), it’s time for a repair.

But, before we get into the repair service bit, let’s look into diamond knife repair.

What is Diamond Knife Repair?

A Diamond knife is a type of surgical scalpel typically used for eye surgeries. It is an extremely sharp and precisely mounted diamond edge on a shank. The “shank” itself is mounted atop a metal holder known as the “boat.”

Diamond knives are efficiently used to produce very thin slices or specimen sections, which can only be observed in light or electrons. The knives also come with a pretty expensive price tag, but the edge can dull over time.

Contrary to many popular beliefs that diamond blades don’t get dull due to the material being strong, it actually does get dull as they can chip via contact with anything other than the eye tissue.

This is where a diamond knife repair comes. Diamond knife repair services are those that offer special repair services of the knife by reshaping or resharpening the knife to bring it back to its original state.

However, the services offered vary in terms of different service providers. A good provider will often provide an all-round repair offering such as:

Rehoning: This restores the smooth and sharp edge of the knife by removing minuscule diamond material.

Replacing: Instead of resharpening, this gives the option to competent replace in case of a broken or chipped off blade.

Remounting: This is carried out when the blade is found to be loose, mostly due to extensive use. Hence, it is remounted back to its handle.

Reconfiguration: This applies when the diamond size of the blade has to be resized to a smaller size.

So, what exactly should you expect from a diamond knife repair? Let’s find out.

What to Expect During a Diamond Knife Repair

When the service provider receives the diamond knife, the diamond knife is normally evaluated by in-house expert repair technicians. Most technicians will often have years of experience as a repair technician for diamond knives.

Diamond knife repair services also tend to provide 24/7 customer support. After evaluation, the customer helpline will often contact the customer to request a quote for repair or answer calls to help out with any customer queries.

Although the duration of the repair may vary with different providers, it has become a very competitive market. Hence, you may find providers offering competitive delivery duration.

Chances are, you may even have your diamond knife in less than two business days. Additionally, the knife also goes through a rigorous cleaning process.

But did you know that you can actually extend the durability of your diamond knife? Yes! By regularly cleaning in the right way (which we will be explaining below) so, continue reading.

6 Tips to Preserve Diamond Knives

Surgical knives have a history of being expensive. Unfortunately, they are also considered quite fragile. Especially if it is used and maintained improperly.

This causes the equipment to often break completely, chip, unstable, or be impaired by debris and dried-on tissue. A repair service should be the first place to have it professionally repaired during such times.

But, repair cost does not come cheap either. So, maintaining the equipment in the proper manner will go a long way in sustaining its use.

As one of the hardest materials, diamond knives can stay sharp for a long time under a good maintenance program. Here are some valuable tips you can use:

1. Careful Handling

Limit the blade for its intended purpose only and have it cleaned and inspected correctly with the right people. Even at times handling, keep it retracted and ensure it passes through the hands of trained and professional staff members.

2. Follow a Thorough Inspection Protocol 

Make sure the knives always go through proper inspection. This applies to when the knives are new, repaired as well as after every use. Have a professional staff inspect it under a powerful microscope such as 40x/100x.

3. Keep it Sterilized 

Ensure that the knife is carefully sterilized. You can do so by placing it on the sterilization tray and then autoclaving via steam or gas. Make sure the steam does not exceed 300 F. High temp can end up hindering the glue holding the blade.

4. Ship it With highest level of care

If you’re planning on shipping your blade to a repair service, do so with a sufficient amount of packing material. Withdraw the knife, keep it in the sterilization tray, and wrap up the tray as one would pack a fragile object. Ship the equipment via any carrier that can keep track of the package.

5. if Repair is Required, Keep Minimal Contact

Your surgery team must be well-aware that the blade must only remain in contact with human tissue and fluid. Avoid cutting sutures with the blade at all times and keep it away from forceps or any other blades during surgery. Ensure that the blade is always kept separate from different instruments and within its individual sterilization tray only.

6. Clean it Regularly

It is very crucial to always keep your diamond knives clean. A blade that contains even the tiniest amount of dried debris will not perform well during surgery. For instance, the dried debris may even cause tears in the Descemet’s membrane.

To keep its clean state, always rinse the knife immediately after use with de-ionized or distilled water to eliminate blood, tissue, etc. You can also make use of a cleaner.

Cleaning the blade right after surgery is the most crucial and essential step of all. At times, it may even determine the longevity of the blade.

But, if you find it difficult to clean them by yourself, you can always request the aid of a professional diamond knife repair service for deep cleaning.

Why is Diamond Knife Repair Important? 

Diamond knives stand as a good example of diamonds being the sharpest and strongest tool for cutting, which is how the tool became a prominent tool in ophthalmic surgeries as well.

But, this was never an indication that diamond knives would be strong forever. Of course, the material still beats steel knives, but it can still get worn out due to use. However, diamond knives are reusable tools. This means the inclusion of repair is highly valued for such a tool.

Since diamond knives don’t come cheap, it’s essential to keep in mind that there’s always an option to hand the tool over to a repairing service that specializes in diamond knives. Not only will this help cut down the cost of buying a new one, but it can actually bring the dull edges back to their original state.

Cleaning and assembling diamond knives also require a professional touch. These are all services that a diamond knife repair service can provide as the tools are handled by professionals that m deals with broken diamond knives regularly.

You can always keep your knife clean. However, when it comes to bringing back its sharpness and smoothness, it’s always better to leave it in the hands of professionals.

About Us

We facilitate a quality care program committed to diamond knives. We repair all types of diamond knives with a fast turnaround.

Our Services:

We perform a number of quality services to ensure your diamond knife gets it restored to its original state, including:

Rehone: We sharpen/refurbish your diamond knife back to its optimal condition by bring back its smooth edge.

Replace: We perform diamond replacement if the blade is either broken or contains extensive damage.

Remount: We remount any loose diamond back to its shank so that you can have a sturdy equipment in your hand.

Reconfiguration: We can resize your diamond into a smaller width at the request of a customer.

Why Choose Us?

Professional & Cost-effective 

We host expert technicians under our service to ensure customers get a quality repair. With our service, customers can also benefit from high savings due to lower repair service costs than manufacturers.

Helpline & Support 

We also warrant all our repairs along with an active helpline to respond to any queries and requests. We also accept various types of models and manufacturers.

Latest Technology 

Our technicians carry years worth of experience in diamond knife repairing and undergo repair procedures with specialized and upgraded machinery to enable the best-cutting diamond edge for the perfect surgeon.


Upon receiving, we ensure each diamond knife is assessed in the proper manner, carefully disassembled, and then cleaned thoroughly. The knives are then fixed according to their needs, such as resharpening, replacing, and more.

Our customers benefit from professional experience, capability, and expertise with impressive delivery rates and duration.

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