MEYCO Swiss Diamond Technology

What is the true meaning of perfection? What constitutes a state of perfection, and how do we measure it?

Is it all about quality of service, or is it about the level of value held by something? 

When we talk about perfection, we hardly ever dig deep into its true meaning. Most people define perfection as an unmatched and constant state of flawlessness. While we agree with some of the implications made in its definition, we really want to get to the crux of what makes something truly perfect. 

Contrary to what some might believe, true perfection cannot be measured in a span of days, months or even years. The amount of time passed does not always result in the best outcome. True and absolute perfection takes hard work and dedication that spans decades because it is in the multitudes of our efforts where actual perfection can be crafted. 

When we look for perfection in the ophthalmic industry, only one name comes to mind. Only one name that truly deserves the recognition and celebration that comes with the title of perfection.

This is a name with a long and unique history that spans multiple generations and countless transformations. A name that has made an everlasting contribution to the overall improvement of life. Most importantly, it is a name that instils a bright and inspiring commitment to a better future. 

That name is MEYCO, one of the most inspiring global leaders in the medical appliance enterprise. 

The history and transformation of MEYCO

MEYCO is a company that has gone through a significant number of insightful transformations over the past few decades. Each and every change was added after putting in a lot of thought and planning. It’s safe to say that the company went through many stages of improvement to get to where they are today. 

The framework was set all the way back in 1961 with the founding of Anton Meyer & C. Ltd. The company was all set to make headlines with its consistent manufacture of high quality and precise milling and turning diamonds. These tools were paramount to the supply of non-ferrous metals for the jewellery and watchmaking industries. Their dedication to their work earned them valuable respect and admiration from an ever-growing customer base. 

MEYCO’s unique brand of in-house machinery soon made a significant impact on the industry as a whole. These high-quality production machines brought modern innovation and technology into the limelight. Many of their techniques were crucial to the much-needed progress of technology as a whole. That’s when factories and manufacturing companies started recognising MEYCO as a key player in the industry. 

The brand was hailed for its high precision grinding nippers, which brought perfection to the manufacturing process. Their machines were not only accurate and reliable but also one of the most silent functioning production tools in the market. Needless to say, this particular innovation lifted the company to greater heights. 

Soon, MEYCO undertook a new challenge that would bring another wave of positive transformation into their ranks. The company started using their unique machinery to achieve what it could never do before. They now had the potential to tap into the mass production of top quality, high, precision tools. The company used all of their specialised knowledge to create some of the most compelling pieces of equipment. 

MEYCO tools would come in absolutely pristine quality, boasting an extraordinarily sharp cutting finish, the likes of which no one had seen before. They passed with flying colours in this new undertaking. Their brand of products always exceeded the current market’s expectations no matter how high the standards were. 

The name Anton Meyer & Co brought a string of technological innovation and development into the minds of countless industrialists. As time passed by, they significantly rose in the ranks and took their rightful place as one of the world’s top manufacturers. Eventually, the company made an alliance with Wirz Diamond ltd. to form the standard of quality that we recognise today as MEYCO.

Today, the company has a presence in commercial European countries like Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. What’s more, they have achieved the impressive feat of installing outlets and factories in China, one of the largest growing markets at this time. 

The MEYCO brand of innovation

The MEYCO staff is filled with the most brilliant and illustrious minds in the field of diamond processing. Their combined strategies and techniques have made the consistent production of high-quality monocrystalline diamond tools possible. The abundant and specialised knowledge offered by MEYCO makes even the most challenging creations a real possibility. 

MEYCO uses accurate technical drawings to implement unique specifications requested by their customers. This is done by implementing only the latest and most accurate Unigraphics CAD softwares. Additionally, the use of 3D animation and models give customers a look at what can be achieved. Moreover, the company provides all this initial laying of the groundwork absolutely free of cost. 

The company makes no leniencies in selecting diamonds for the manufacturing process. It is important to note that MEYCO only uses the best quality for their homogeneously crystallised rough diamonds. The brand always has an abundance of sharpening reserves in its holders, making it possible to maintain a consistent level of sharpness. What’s more, their effective grinding machines achieve the most pristine and notch-free cutting edges.

On top of everything else, MYECO also provides valuable sharpening and repair services for damaged tools. Having offered so much, it suffices to say that MEYCO has become a standard-setter in the industrial world today. Their brand of diamond knives is one of the most sought after assets in the market. 

There is no doubt in our minds that MEYCO will carry on this standard of perfection they have created. The company’s list of customers and clients keeps expanding and growing every year. Considering all of their qualities, it’s safe to say that MEYCO will continue to be a key player in the industrial market for a long time. 

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Meyco – Multipurpose Diamond Knife

Meyco Multipurpose Diamond knives

Meyco has been a leader in the surgical knife market for decades now, with a loyal customer base filled with the best minds in ophthalmology. Surgeons and practitioners worldwide rely on Meyco for its uncompromised standard of quality.  Despite starting its career in the jewellery and watchmaking industries, Meyco has also made an impact in the surgical field. Its ability to quickly adapt and perfect its craft for one of the most specialised fields is no less than amazing. It shows how much the brand has risen in its adapted market.  Today, Meyco is one of the biggest and most reliable names in the medical appliance market. Their speciality is providing a budget-friendly source for the essential instruments in medical care.  Ophthalmology is a unique field and demands the application of the best tools and devices. Oftentimes, these essential devices come in the most expensive of price ranges. This can be a problem for hospitals and clinics that can’t afford to spend as heavily as others. Moreover, hospitals located in developing countries such as Nepal simply cannot risk that kind of spending.  However, this also means that most of these hospitals resort to using low grade or cheaper alternatives. This hampers the ability of the doctors working in such hospitals and endangers their patients.  Meyco fixes this problem by providing cutting edge technology at the most reasonable prices. Because of this outstanding quality, medical communities around the world have openly welcomed the brand. After all, medical care is one of the basic necessities of life and should not be taken lightly.  In this article, we will briefly go through one of the most crucial items in the company’s catalogue, the Meyco multipurpose diamond knives. 

Meyco – Standard Diamond Knife

Meyco Diamond Scalpels

Meyco initially started the production of diamond tools for non-medical related purposes. These included milling and machining of metals to be used in the watch and jewellery industries. Although they started this way, it wasn’t soon after that they tapped into the medical market as well.  The first range of surgical diamond scalpels was created in 1975. This initial prototype was used to cut the cornea, an essential procedure in refractive surgery. Surgeons noticed that Meyco knives offered superior capacity for cutting when compared to other knives on the market.  Today, Meyco diamond scalpels have dominated the medical market and are being used worldwide. The quality of the materials used in Meyco scalpels is incomparable to any other scalpel in the medical market. This standard of gentler cutting of the cornea is a trademark feature of the brand.  Meyco knives are also known for providing a cheaper (but better) alternative to some of the more expensive scalpels out there. This is especially helpful for hospitals and institutions with limited spending capabilities. One such example is the Lahan Eye hospital in Nepal which switched to Meyco knives as an alternative to expensive disposables.  Moreover, Meyco scalpels are some of the sharpest and edgiest in the market, with an exceptionally long lifespan. You can use them for countless surgeries without ever getting the blade dull.  Today, we will be looking at some of the most popular diamond scalpels from the Meyco brand. 

Meyco – Step Diamond Knife

Meyco Step Diamond knives

Meyco began fabricating diamond tools for machinery use through watch & jewelry activities. Soon after, the in-house machine that produced smooth and precise tools led to the foundation of their cutting-edge diamond knives almost four decades ago. Today, Meyco produces some of the finest diamond knives available in the current surgery tool industry. Their diamond scalpels assist world-class surgeons in performing refractive and cataract surgery. Meyco diamond knives are known for their superior cutting capacity, which helps in gently cutting the cornea. Their diamond knives are available in various categories, and one such category is the step knives. The company produces a wide range of step knives equally equipped with high-performing diamond blades. Let’s look into some of its features.