Amidia LTD is one of the top manufacturers of diamond knives used for ophthalmology, plastic, and microsurgeries. The company’s dedication to producing high-quality products has been evident in the past 20 years, as you get the best surgical experience using Amidia diamond knives.

Amidia offers multiple high-quality diamond knives with unique nano blade technology. The company’s experience and quality control allow it to produce products that can last more than traditional surgical blades.

This article will help you learn more about Amidia and how their diamond knives are better than traditional surgical blades.

Amidia – A brief history

Amidia has produced various innovative products for different surgeries since the early 2000s and has made its mark on the diamond knife industry. The company employs highly qualified professionals who have excellent knowledge of producing high-quality diamond knives.

Besides producing first-class monocrystalline diamond blades, Amidia offers various CVD diamond blades. These blades took the surgical industry by storm as they were more efficient than disposable blades.

Amidia blades are reusable, and medical professionals were able to use a single diamond blade up to 500 times. Additionally, Amidia ensures that its products are repairable, allowing the medical community to get more out of their surgical instruments.

In 2015, Amidia introduced Nano diamond blades to help medical professionals treat their patients better. The compact design of these blades allowed surgeons to reach delicate areas, improving precision and efficiency.

The unique design allowed doctors to operate with minimal cuts and operate in challenging situations. Since these blades are reusable, surgeons can use them for up to 100 surgeries, cutting down surgery costs and maintenance charges.

Amidia also offers a wide range of Medical Implant Communication System (MICS) and Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI) blades. These blades are excellent for ophthalmology and offer precision and efficiency during surgeries.

The company also employs project managers that work with medical experts to develop new designs and blades. These blades feature new dimensions based on the inputs provided by top medical professionals, helping them to fulfill the specific requirements of their patients.

Amidia – Products

Amidia manufactures a wide range of diamond blades for various purposes. The company’s primary goal is to provide the medical community with high-quality products that score high on efficiency and precision.

Here are the products developed by Amidia:

Diamond knives for cataract surgery (pressure or J-slot mechanism)

3D diamond knives

Diamond knives for LRI, retinal, glaucoma, and microsurgeries

Diamond knives to implant Kera Rings and Intacts

Cosmetic diamond knives

Black and step diamond knives

Cataract surgery

Amidia manufactures diamond knives to help surgeons conduct cataract surgeries with precision and efficiency. These blades feature an ergonomic titanium handle and diamond blades with a J-slot or pressure mechanism.

These diamond knives feature a straight or angled holder for better precision. You can mount various blades on these knives, including curved, tri-facet, and single edge.

Glaucoma surgery

Amidia offers a wide range of cutting blades for glaucoma surgery. These blades feature an angled or straight blade holder and can accommodate different types of blades.

You can also use the step knife, which offers different customization settings, helping surgeons treat their patients better.

LRI surgery

Amidia’s cutting blades for LRI surgery come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, the Rubenstein knife features fixed cutting depth with a short handle. Likewise, you also get a cutting knife with a standard handle featuring a winged footplate that enhances viewing angles during surgeries.

Refractive surgery

Amidia manufactures diamond knives with a micrometer to enhance precision and efficiency during refractive surgeries. These knives allow surgeons to adjust depth, allowing them to treat their patients better.

You can get these knives in various configurations, including tri-facet, straight, axe, and triple edge vertical designs.

Retinal surgery

Amidia produces high-quality diamond knives for retinal surgeries that come with a durable body and titanium handle. The ergonomic design allows surgeons to conduct surgeries with ease and ensures the precision required for complicated retinal surgeries.

Black diamond knives

Amidia’s black diamond knives offer superior precision and diamond edge incision, making them a must-have for every surgeon. These knives provide better visualization and come with a non-glare surface. Additionally, the repair cost of black diamond knives is lower than other products.

Benefits of using Amidia diamond blades over disposable blades

Amidia diamond knives offer efficient and quick surgery procedures as these blades come with various features. These features make Amidia diamond knives easy to use during surgery.

According to a study conducted by the company, diamond knives had zero postoperative wound leaks when used on 3912 patients for different surgical procedures.

The study also involved reports from medical professionals who conducted surgeries using traditional disposable blades. However, out of 8270 patients, 9 patients reported wound leaks. In short, diamond blades can prevent wound leaks and are undoubtedly better than disposable blades.

Besides preventing wound leaks, Amidia diamond knives allow surgeons to operate safely, and the adjustable models offer more versatility and precision during surgeries. Additionally, the high-quality titanium material ensures an excellent lifespan.

What are the precautions you need to take before using Amidia diamond knives?

Like all other equipment used in surgical procedures, there are some precautions associated with Amidia diamond knives.

Always sterilize the diamond scalpels before usage.

Ensure that you keep the diamond scalpels closed while not in use.

Clean the blades before and after usage to prevent cell particles or dirt from sticking to the blade.

Do not let the blades come into contact with other equipment.

Check the blades or resharpen them before usage.

Always ensure that you follow the correct cleaning method to clean the blades.

Read the instruction manual thoroughly before use.

Amidia diamond knife repair

Amidia offers excellent customer service to help its customers get the most out of their diamond knives. Since diamond knives from Amidia can be resharpened, you can use the same blade multiple times. However, ensure that you check and maintain the blade regularly before use.

So how are Amidia diamond knives repaired? Technicians remove the handles and other mechanical parts for each repair. After dismantling the parts, every part will be thoroughly checked and cleaned. The technicians can even replace parts if necessary or recalibrate if it is a model with a micrometer.

After completing all the required cleaning and replacements, the technicians will check the knife to complete the final stage.

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Amidia – Micrometer Diamond Knife

Amidia diamond knife with micrometer

Precision, accurate cutting edges and comfort are what we look for during medical incisions. Diamond knives have come a long way in providing ophthalmologists with the sharpness and efficient comfort needed to perform successful surgeries. Given that diamond blades do not get damaged without improper use, it is a way to cut down on the costs of blades and is considered advancement in medical equipment. Amidia is one of the top-class companies that manufacture the best diamond knives. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing diamond knives, the professionalism and quality of the diamond knives that they offer are unmatched. The Amidia diamond knife with a micrometer is reasonably the best you can opt for. The precision it offers is less than none, and you can read the black scale effortlessly. Rest assured, you can take exact measurements.

Amidia – Preset & Step Diamond Knife

Amidia diamond knives - Step knives and Preset knives

With the advancement of issues in the human body, more complicated surgeries need to be performed, and diamond knives have proved to give an exceedingly superior incision performance than the regular blades. Diamond blades can also be referred to as an ophthalmologist’s best friend since precision is needed to handle the job. They are cost-effective since with proper care, they’re reusable and do not get damaged without improper usage. You can opt for a diamond knife repair service at Amidia in case of any non-severe damages. Amidia has proven to be a top-tier diamond knife manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the diamond knife world. With experience comes professionalism; with a strict quality rule intact, they are dedicated to manufacturing only the best in quality diamond knives. The Amidia diamond knives: step knives, and preset knives, are the best of their kind. With the perfect handle made with titanium, you can be at ease with having the benefits of comfort and precision at the same time.  

Amidia – Specialty Diamond Knife

Amidia - various types of Diamond knives

Diamond knives are needed for all kinds of complicated surgeries since it has been proven that these knives offer various help and an exceptionally higher level of incision performance compared to regular surgical blades. Diamond blades are also well known for their reusable and unlikely-to-break features that help cut down on costs compared to standard knives, so these knives are fully equipped all over and are appreciated by surgeons around the globe. Amidia is well known globally as a top-tier diamond knife manufacturer bragging with experience of over 20 years in the diamond knife market. In addition to manufacturing extraordinarily well-built diamond knives, the company has a hand in advancing medical products such as these. The quality of the various types of diamond knives that Amidia offers, like the black diamond knives, cosmetic diamond knives for plastic surgery, and the nanodiamond knives with different handles, are unmatched. You can count on the blades for perfect incisions and proficiently use these knives with the various features.

Amidia – Standard Diamond Knife

Amidia diamond knife with pressure and j-slot mechanism

Extremely sharp-edged and with an edge that can endure time is vital for scientific and medical applications. Furthermore, with the outstanding results in the past to date, using diamond knives for incisions is significant in cutting more smoothly and reducing many possible life-threatening effects. The incisions made by these knives are found to cause minor trauma. A leading company dedicated to providing and manufacturing the best quality diamond knives for plastic surgeries, ophthalmology, and microsurgeries is Amidia. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Amidia has manufactured a surreal number of quality diamond knives and continues to help advance medical and scientific equipment. The standard diamond knives manufactured at Amidia are used for smooth cutting with precision in complicated surgeries. The reusable knives are the perfect advancement to single-use knives since they cut more smoothly and help cut down on costs. Amidia offers standard diamond knives with handles made with a j-slot mechanism and pressure mechanism giving the perfect desired control for various complex incisions.