Ophthalmology surgeons who specialize in refractive surgery understand diamond knife repair needs and how it can be detrimental in their practice.

Ever since its invention in 1955, diamond knives have been instrumental in ophthalmological surgeries for doctors all over the world.

The diamond knives from Rumex are among the many microsurgical instruments from the manufacturer, which we are discussing in-depth today.

But before the diamond knives section, a crash course on the history of Rumex.


Rumex International Co, or simply Rumex, is one of the top manufacturers of surgical pieces of equipment. The state of the art and high precision instruments are considered the gold standard in surgical ophthalmology.

Rumex has been operational since 1994 and currently serves customers from over 100 countries. The instrument manufacturer is headquartered in Florida, US, with local offices in almost all major cities in the world.

The micro-instruments from Rumex are famous for their premium quality and durability and have several certifications from the top organizations, including the FDA and CE in the US as well as the UK. The company has an ISO-13485 certification in support of its quality products as well.

The revenue of Rumex International is estimated at $53.7 million, and it employs about 300 people. According to his LinkedIn profile, Maxim Yakobson is the current CEO of Rumex International.

In addition to micro-instruments, Rumex also manufactures and supplies health supplements, vitamins, and consumables, including silicone oil. Consumers can purchase all Rumex products online through their official site or locate a local distributor to purchase the products.

Rumex manufactures several instruments of different types, including disposable instruments, reusable posterior, reusable anterior instruments, and reusable knives.

The diamond knives from Rumex fall under the category of reusable knives.

Rumex diamond knives 

The diamond knives from Rumex consist of natural diamonds on their edges and first-grade titanium in their handles. This renders the knives unrivaled in precision, sharpness, and durability. Rumex currently has 39 diamond knives in its inventory. However, the brand is known for manufacturing several new instruments every year, so they might increase their selection of diamond knives.

Rumex uses a patented technology for blade cutting and shaping technology. Each blade is capable of making up to 200 incisions before it needs sharpening. However, some Rumex diamond knives are capable of performing up to 3000 incisions, which is an impressive feature.

A standout feature of the Rumex diamond knives is the locking mechanism of the titanium handle. This feature, along with the sharp blade of natural diamond, allows surgeons to make predictable cuts with minimal pressure. This reduces the risk of wound leaking and promotes consistent healing.

Rumex subjects all its diamond knives to comparative tests to ensure the best workmanship and performance. This greatly reduces the need for diamond knife repair even after many uses.

Rumex diamond knives usually come in two shapes – straight and angled, which make them ideal for use in the incision, surgeries for glaucoma, Toric, ICL, ICRS, and LRI.

The size of the Rumex diamond blades ranges from:

  • 61 to 90 mm
  • 91 to 120 mm
  • 121 to 150 mm

The making of Rumex diamond knives

Rumex has its own manufacturing units where all its instruments and other products are manufactured.

The making of a Rumex Diamond knife begins with research and development from concept to implementation by the top individuals in the industry. Rumex uses state-of-the-art patented technology for making its diamond knives.

This is followed by carefully selecting the materials. OR-Grade titanium and stainless steel are the primary material of choice for Rumex instruments, but mostly titanium is used for the diamond knives.

Titanium has top features such as:

  • High resistance to chemicals, temperature, and stress
  • Anti-magnetic property
  • It is immune to rust and
  • It is lightweight
  • However, Rumex also makes their most popular instruments using high-grade stainless steel because it is fracture-resistant, has sharpness and accuracy, and is heat-treated for durability. Therefore, clients can choose their surgical instruments in a material of choice.

The next step followed in making Rumex diamond knives is wire erosion of the materials to make them geometrically perfect. Lathe turning with a manually operated machine allows continuous control of the instruments and reduces the need for diamond knife repair later on.

It is followed by milling of the materials, which ensures the highest quality of the workpieces. The application of the CNC machine is followed so that the diamond knives have unrivaled precision with advanced output. A CNC machine is known for its predictability, strength, and quick delivery, which allows the manufacturers to get the best results.

To ensure the best diamond knife joint integrity, Rumex uses laser welding, which is followed by heat treatment in a furnace heated to a high temperature. The heat treatment allows the diamond knives to be resistant to rust and increases their sturdiness.

The finishing touches of Rumex diamond knives include benchwork which makes every instrument unique. Laser engraving of the Rumex brand name and the barcode of every diamond knife is among the last steps.

A separate team from Rumex thoroughly inspects each diamond knife to ensure the best quality. The diamond knives are packed for delivery only after the quality control team certifies and signs them.

Warranty and after service

Rumex uses premium materials for making diamond knives along with state-of-the-art technology. Nevertheless, every diamond knife from the brand comes with a lifetime warranty, which covers material or manufacturing defects.

Diamond knife repair services are also available from Rumex, but the need for after-service is quite rare since each instrument is made with the highest standards.

Care and usage instructions 

Rumex has specific care and usage instructions for the diamond knives, which are:

Avoid subjecting the knives to vibrations and blows
Keep the knives from coming into contact with other instruments
Use sterilizing cases for transporting the knives
Use distilled water in a syringe to clean the knives
Never use ultrasonic cleaning devices
Assembling the parts of the diamond is restricted – for both safety purposes and voiding the warranty for diamond knife repair.

For in-depth instructions from Rumex about the diamond knives, visit this link.

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Rumex – Crescent Diamond Knife

Rumex Crescent Knife

Rumex is a brand known for its dedication to creating a reusable, high-quality instrument for the use of ophthalmic surgery. Each reusable tool goes through several tests during manufacture to ace its quality test. In almost all cases of tool comparison, Rumex has continuously proven excellent quality and workmanship over the years. Their efficient performance is further backed by significant certifications such as FDA, etc. Plus, the company is known for its notorious lifetime warranty. Through its vast collection of surgical equipment like diamond knives, the company is able to meet and manage the demanding needs of customers. The knives from Rumex are pretty durable and strictly follow a proactive approach. We see this same quality and artistry in one of Rumex's own diamond knives.

Rumex – Micrometer Diamond Knife

Rumex Micrometer Diamond Knife 

In the ophthalmology scene, the name Rumex is synonymous with excellent diamond knives. The company has been a leading manufacturer in the eye industry for decades. Since its establishment in 1994, Rumex has been an innovative force behind some of the best diamond knives for eye surgery. With a mission to provide medical institutions and professionals with high-quality tools, the company has kept its mission alive by developing advanced diamond knives. Rumex has its roots set globally through the development of environmentally sustainable surgical tools. Its tools are a result of collaboration between some of the best surgeons worldwide. The Rumex Micrometer Diamond Knife is an excellent example of its power. Here's a look at its features.

Rumex – Specialty Diamond Knife

Rumex Various Diamond Knives

Eye surgery is the accumulation of very precise and small steps. To advance this surgery, it not only requires the surgeon to be competent, but it requires the device to be one as well. This is exactly what Rumex tries to achieve with its tools. The company is a well-known player in the ophthalmic surgical tool industry. It has created various diamond knives, ranging from different widths and models to types. The diamond knives from Rumex are the successful innovation of the company’s partnership with various top ophthalmologists in creating their signature sharp and durable diamond knives. Rumex’s wide range of tools includes a various list of knives such as phaco knives, universal straight knives, crescent blade knives, LRI knives, and their popular 1.00mm trifacet knives such as the Rumex 6-10/6-70.

Rumex – Standard Diamond Knife

Rumex  Diamond Knife

One leading manufacturer in the ophthalmic handheld tool industry is Rumex international co. The brand produces some of the best quality and efficient equipment that aid in successive eye surgery. Based in Florida, USA, Rumex caters to a vast group of over 70 countries globally by delivering some of their finest eye surgery tools. Rumex offers a wide arrangement of both stainless steel and titanium instruments along with knives and other products. The company has even extended its tool expertise further by hosting 2000+ items on its catalogue. One such item is the Rumex  standard diamond knife. It is part of a more extensive collection of universal diamond knives from Rumex and is considered an incredibly efficient standard tool.