Surgical instruments eventually need maintenance no matter how premium their quality may be. The Storz diamond knife repair unit is among the best in the industry.

But Storz is more than a company that excels in diamond knife repair, as they are the leading name in the ophthalmic industry.

Here’s everything you need to know about Storz, its diamond knives, and their story.

Storz – The Company 

Storz Ophthalmic Instruments, or simply Storz, has been part of the Bausch + Lomb Company since it was acquired by the latter in 1997. Prior to its acquisition by Bausch and Lomb, Storz Instrument Company traces its origin to 1872, when the Storz family started the manufacture of instruments in the US after emigrating from Germany.

Bausch + Lomb, the parent company of Storz Ophthalmic Instruments, has its headquarters in Canada but has local offices in several cities. Some of the top locations of Storz Ophthalmic Instruments include North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia/Oceania.

Presently, Storz Ophthalmic Instruments and Bausch + Lomb function as the eye care division of the larger enterprise, Bausch Health.

The company manufactures several surgical products in the field of ophthalmology for use in surgical procedures of refractive and corneal surgery, retinal and cataract surgery, and diamond knives are one of the instruments.

Storz diamond knives  

Storz makes all its instruments, including the diamond knives, at their manufacturing facility located in different parts of the US as well as Germany. However, most of the diamond knife repair is done by skilled craftsmen in Heidelberg, Germany.

Under the diamond knives category, Storz has three different types, which include:

Corneal refractive

There are two knives under this category, which are:

LRI/CRI knives: Storz offers five-diamond knives under this category. The length of the LRI diamond knives ranges from 99 to 120 mm with the blade retracted.

Micrometre knives: The two Storz diamond knives under the micrometre category measure 113 and 114mm in length with the blade retracted.

Phaco knives

Storz has three categories of phaco diamond knives, which are:
Clear cornea: The six diamond knives under this category have a length of 119mm with the blade retracted. The thickness of these blades ranges from 2.5mm to 3.1mm.

Profile series: Storz diamond knives in this series have blade thickness ranging from 1.88 mm to 2.9mm and a length of 119 mm with the retracted blade. There are eight diamond blades in the profile series.
Mics: These blades have a thickness between 1.7mm and 2.4mm with a length of 119mm. Storz has five diamond blades under this category.


Seven diamond knives from Storz fall under this category. The length of these diamond knives ranges from 114mm to 123mm with a retracted blade, making them the largest ones in the brand.

Materials and construction

Storz diamond knives consist of natural diamond on the edges of the blade and titanium on the handle. These materials ensure that Storz diamond knives are of the highest quality and are also durable.

What makes Storz diamond blades exceptional in precision and reliability is due to a combination of factors:
In-house development

The Center of Excellence Team designs and develops Storz diamond blades in-house. The expert team also works in consultation with the top doctors worldwide so that the surgical instruments adapt to the changing requirements in ophthalmology.

Operating techniques in ophthalmology keep constantly changing with new treatment options, so working with surgeons allows the brand to keep coming up with new instruments. Combining new technologies with handcrafted excellence allows Storz to be the best in the industry.

Best craftsmen in the industry 

The best craftsmen in the industry do Storz diamond knife repair and development to ensure that the instruments are top quality. Whether it is the making of a new surgical instrument or repair and maintenance, the workmanship of Storz diamond blades is among the industry’s best.

In-house manufacturing 

Every Storz diamond knife or instrument is manufactured in-house, which is internationally certified and controlled. Storz Ophthalmic Instruments uses state of the art equipment and technology from assembly to the finishing touches.

Until some years ago, the diamond blades from Storz were made in their manufacturing units spread over several states in the US.

However, Storz also manufactures its reusable instruments, including diamond knives, in Heidelberg, Germany. Single-use instruments from Storz are also made from their manufacturing unit in Germany. Surgical engineers do the manufacturing of diamond knives.

Storz’s Heidelberg manufacturing unit has an EN ISO 13485 certification and complies with the CE-Marking requirements. The manufacturing facility also has a certification from the European Medical Devices Directive, so it meets the highest international standards.

Before Storz packs the diamond knives for shipment, they are laser marked, which allows secured traceability. Every surgical instrument is also subject to quality control to ensure the highest precision, quality, and performance.

The final packing of Storz diamond knives is also done in controlled environments to ensure the best in quality.

Storz diamond knives after service

Storz diamond knife repair services are done in Heidelberg, Germany, by master craftsman as part of their after service. A diamond knife repair is completed in a very short period, which is a great advantage.

In addition, refurbished or repaired diamond knives undergo a total reconditioning program using the best technologies, making them look and perform as good as new ones.

Proper use and cleaning of Storz diamond knives

Storz recommends a detailed and precise use and cleaning of the diamond knives to bring out their best performance and to prolong their longevity. These recommendations include:

For non-powered instruments such as diamond knives, Storz recommends reprocessing them with cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing using the right methods.

Refrain from soaking the instruments in solutions containing chlorides and chlorine

To avoid contamination, the transportation of diamond knives should be done in an appropriate container.

Use cleaning solutions that have neutral pH

Use of ultrasonic cleaner is strictly prohibited

Cleaning the surgical instruments should be done with a syringe

Storz recommends cleaning the instruments under a very specific temperature and cleaning time for prewash, wash and rinse.

For details on Storz’s instructions on the proper use, handling and cleaning of their reusable instruments, including diamond knives, visit this link.

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Karl Storz – Crescent & Tunnel Diamond Knife

Storz  Crescent-Tunnel Diamond Knife

The powerhouse behind the popular company Storz is Bausch + Lomb. This is another leading company in the global eye health scene. The company solely focuses on enhancing, restoring, and protecting people's eyesight. This focus can be seen reflected in the surgical equipment produced by Storz. Under such heavy influences, it's not a surprise that Storz is a considerable name in developing and marketing eye surgical equipment such as diamond knives. The company has been globally developing and manufacturing high-quality diamond knives for a long time. The best part about Storz is the equipment is created using the latest technology to ensure it performs and adapts to all the advanced surgical techniques. One particular diamond knife from Storz is the E0108 Crescent-tunneling diamond knife used in scleral tunnelling. Let's look into more details about the tool.

Karl Storz – Preset & Step Diamond Knife

Storz Step Diamond Knife 

Today, with the advancement of technology and new surgical techniques, top surgical tools like diamond knives are getting more and more in demand. And a leafy company meeting this demand with efficiency is Storz. Storz is known for its excellent development and manufacturing ability in the field of ophthalmic surgical instruments. With manufacturing facilities planted in several countries, the company is a global provider of diamond knives. But on top of developing excellent diamond knives, Storz is also known for its technological advancement, which is also seen in its equipment. The company even works hand-in-hand with world-class surgeons to curate and develop the finest surgical tools in the ophthalmic industry. The Storz E0117 Step Diamond Knife is a great innovation born out of this collaboration. Let’s get a detailed review of the tool.

Karl Storz – Specialty Diamond Knife

Storz Diamond Knives 

Storz is a name that continues to represent quality craftsmanship as the company expands more and more of its territory in the medical equipment field. From providing a wide range of surgical instruments to developing quality tools, Storz has become a pioneer in creating innovative tools that not assist surgeons but patients as well. Equipment-wise, Storz has an excellent collection of high-performing tools that regularly assist surgeons during their run inside the surgery room. One prominent tool is the diamond knife.

Karl Storz – Standard Diamond Knife

Storz Standard Diamond Knife

In the surgical scene, the instruments offered by Storz are known to be on a massive scale. The surgical instruments cater to several types of surgeries ranging from refractive to corneal surgery and more. With 100+ years in the surgical field, the company has collaborated with numerous top-class surgeons to optimize and create efficient eye surgery tools such as diamond knives. Store's diamond knives are known for their signature high performance among surgeons, leading design, and excellent quality. A key weapon of Storz has always been its technological integration into its tools, and this is the case with the Storz standard diamond knife as well. Paired with a great design and performance, offers surgeons a new experience in handling the tool confidently and flexibly.