Olympus is one of the pioneers in the imaging industry with products that redefined minimally invasive treatment procedures. The company has a rich heritage and legacy of producing high-quality camera systems with over 100 years of experience. Olympus has helped the medical community to identify, avert, and nurse diseases, impacting millions of patients for decades.

The company started its operations selling microscopes in the domestic Japanese market. However, as Olympus gained popularity over the years, the company ventured into the imaging industry with the launch of its first camera system – Semi-Olympus I. After garnering worldwide attention with its camera systems, Olympus introduced the world’s first gastrocamera in 1950, enhancing the medical industry.

Olympus improved its camera systems, adding innovations, such as a fiberscope, better camera mechanism, and imaging system. In 1975, Olympus collaborated with Winter & Ibe GmbH to develop a state-of-the-art medical endoscope that helped the medical community provide better treatment services. Olympus supplied the optical systems for this medical endoscope, while Winter & Ibe GmbH developed the structural design.

Over the years, Olympus developed many innovative endoscopy products to strengthen its portfolio, especially its camera division. Besides developing state-of-the-art endoscope hardware, the company incorporated the latest technologies to make its products more functional and user-friendly. Features like waterproofing, optical fiber technology, and enhanced visualization were priorities for the company without compromising the ergonomic handling of its products.

Olympus had secured its place at the pinnacle of the endoscopy industry, and as time and technology progressed, the products became even better. The company works closely with medical professionals to design and develop a wide range of treatment procedures using endoscopes. Olympus’s core goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices, helping healthcare experts to provide early diagnosis and better minimally invasive treatment to patients.

Endoscopes have altered the way the medical community diagnoses its patients. Earlier, conventional instruments allowed one healthcare professional to observe an organ’s interior condition. However, modern endoscopy products allow multiple healthcare professionals to watch the condition simultaneously, improving treatment plans and better medical coordination.

Olympus endoscopy systems have enhanced diagnostic accuracy through better image processing, focal sharpness, and color enhancements. Besides still imaging, Olympus’s ultrasonic endoscopes have also enhanced gastrointestinal treatment procedures over the years, helping doctors determine the extent of any medical issues. In short, Olympus endoscopy products have redefined clinical treatment and offer a lot more than other conventional diagnostic and examination tools.

Company History

Olympus began its journey as Takachiho Seisakusho with a humble approach to producing basic Asahi microscopes in the domestic Japanese market. Takeshi Yamashita established the company under the name Takachiho Seisakusho in Japan in 1919. However, as the company garnered attention from the medical community, it developed advanced endoscopy products with time and experience.

Olympus’s passion for providing better endoscopy products to the medical community had propelled its status as a global leader. After tasting success in the domestic Japanese market, the company entered the world stage, launching the world’s first gastrocamera in 1950, redefining gastrointestinal treatment. The development marked a new era in endoscopy, where doctors could diagnose patients with better treatment plans.

Olympus’s latest surgical microscope ORBEYE is a class-leading technology that utilizes modern tech. The ORBEYE is a state-of-the-art surgical microscope that incorporates 4K 3D technology with a practical and durable design. Its compact size makes it ideal for any OR space, making it a valuable addition for medical setup.

Olympus’s in-house development team works with healthcare professionals to develop high-quality and innovative endoscopy products that take safety and precision to the next level. The company conducts various surveys to understand demands for various surgical needs and develops products according to the requirements.

Olympus’s endoscopy products balance advanced engineering with increasing medical demands and provide better products focused on accuracy, speed, and precision. Using its endoscopy cameras is a breeze, and you will have no issues while performing even the most delicate surgeries.

For instance, the Evis X1 is the most advanced Olympus endoscopy system, incorporating Artificial Intelligence with state-of-the-art hardware to aid surgeons during surgeries. The Evis X1 employs Narrow Band Imaging to track the gastrointestinal tract and help surgeons diagnose issues with precision.

The Evis X1 also features advanced color and texture enhancement technology, red dichromatic imaging, and a dual focus mechanism, allowing detailed endoscopic observations through seamless magnification and improved brightness. This endoscopy system can help surgeons identify gastrointestinal problems with precision, improving their productivity and allowing them to treat their patients better.

All Olympus endoscopy products feature exceptional build quality and a user-friendly interface. However, the products are expensive, so proper care and maintenance are crucial to sustaining their functionality and lifespan. Additionally, improper maintenance and repair routines can damage your medical equipment, leading to expensive repair costs or replacements. So it would be best to hire professionals to take care of your expensive and delicate Olympus endoscopy products.

Our Service

That’s where we come in! Our Olympus endoscope camera repair services will provide the best solutions to enhance the lifespan of your Olympus endoscopy equipment. We can provide repair works for any hardware and software issue without compromising quality and affordability.

Our trained team has a wealth of experience dealing with Olympus endoscope camera equipment, ensuring that you are in the most reliable hands in the industry. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality repair works at competitive and affordable prices without hindering customer experience.

Our team employs state-of-the-art and specialized tools for the job, meaning you will have no issues while getting your endoscopy products repaired. Since maintenance is crucial to sustaining the functionality and precision of Olympus devices, we ensure that you get the best results even after repairing your endoscopy camera.

Besides high-quality repair work, we provide a standard warranty to all our customers with the option of extending the warranty period according to your preference. Endoscopy products are crucial for any medical facility, so proper care and maintenance are vital to sustaining their performance. We understand this importance, so providing the best repair works is our top-most priority.

You can contact our 24/7 customer care department to learn more about our Olympus endoscope camera repair services.

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Olympus 190 / CH-S190 Endoscope camera

As the world advances and human advances, so does technology. And medical endoscopy camera is the perfect example. These cameras are designed to make even the smallest detail visible in high image quality. They are used in examining the gastrointestinal tract as well as many other purposes. It is a machine that has really changed the concept of visibility, and it's no wonder it is one of the most needed medical equipment. When we look into the market, you'll find a number of medical endoscopy cameras, but not all are quality assured. This brings you to the Olympus S190; CH-S190- XZ-E, the endoscopy camera which every physician needs! For starters, it is of standard quality, a durable camera that offers a number of functions, making it ideal for medical purposes. This product, in particular, has and is a reliable machine for many physicians. Read along to find out more about this amazing product!

Olympus Pigtail MAJ-1430 Endoscope camera

Long gone are the days when it was next to impossible to view the inside of a human body without incision. But today, with the advancement in technology followed by the invention of medical endoscopy cameras, the concept of visibility has really come a long way. If we look into the market today, you will find a number of medical endoscopy cameras. Like, a lot. But not all execute quality and standard. And especially when it’s medical related, it’s best and safer to use the most reliable product or machine. Use products or machines that are durable and reliable. Speaking of which, the Olympus Pigtail passes all the necessities of a functional and reliable product. As the name suggests, “pigtail,” that spiral plays as the connection between the video processor and endoscope. Read along to find out more about the cool features of Olympus Pigtail!

Olympus S2 Endoscope camera

The medical field always needs good doctors and professionals with expert knowledge and skill. It is evident that the expertise of medical professionals is a critical aspect in the functioning of this field. However, we must point out that it is not the only aspect required here.    Medical devices are another vital element crucial to achieving success in the medical field. Without the help of such innovations, our doctors and experts would be completely helpless. The complicated procedures of today rely heavily on artificial devices that ensure the success of any procedure. This is why companies that invent medical devices are so important for the field to thrive.    Olympus is a company that has been bringing amazing innovations in medicine for decades. It is one of the best when it comes to medical devices, and for a good reason. Today, we will be looking at one of their promising video systems, the Olympus OTV-S2.   The Olympus OTV-S2 video system focuses on bringing simplicity rather than overwhelming features. The device guarantees clear and high-quality images without breaking a sweat. Read ahead to know more about the features of the OTV-S2.

Olympus S5 Endoscope camera

Medical endoscopy cameras are no ordinary cameras. These cameras examine the interior of human bodies without any incisions, and it is used for examining the gastrointestinal tract and for many purposes. Talking about endoscopy cameras, one of the most reliable and advanced ones would be the Olympus OTV- S5. It provides HD resolution with high image quality and video recording. The camera is lightweight, waterproof and convenient, allowing the physician to get an HD endoscopic view of the inside. The Olympus OTV S-5 offers high-quality performance and is very much durable. It comes with a lot of other functions making it one reliable and trustworthy machine. There is nothing as blessed as early diagnosis, and with the Olympus OTV-S5, it is possible. It is one of the highest on-demand endoscopy cameras in the market. Read along to find out more about the product!

Olympus S6 Endoscope camera

When it comes to medical endoscopy cameras, physicians always go for a reliable and durable one. As we all know, medical endoscopy cameras are cameras specifically designed and manufactured to allow the examiner to get a dimensional view of the human interior body. It is unlike any average camera because of its high-quality imaging resolution and durability particularly manufactured to view the smallest little detail. This invention is just incredible to mankind especially because of its ability to early diagnose before problem gets worse! Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a medical camera that fulfills all the functionality, then the Olympus OTV S-6 is what you’ve been missing out on. It is perfect for gastroenterology, urology and so much more. You must know that Olympus has been producing reliable and standard quality medical endoscopy cameras and the Olympus OTV-S6 so happens to be one of them! Let’s look into more of its functionality and features!

Olympus S7 Endoscope camera

Are you looking for a medical endoscopy camera that beats all odds and stands out from the rest? Then you’re looking at the right one. Introducing the Olympus OTV S-7, the potential endoscopy camera that has won many hearts with its unique features! Well, let’s face it. Every physician looks for the best machine when it comes to diagnosing a human body. And to examine the inside of a human body is no joke. The machine needs to be reliable and functional, and only then will there be no risk. If you’re here looking for such a product, you’re at the right place. Olympus OTV S-7 is a product you must not skip. It is a quality assured, multi-functional and reliable endoscopy camera. It comes with a lot of unique features that’ll stop your search for the perfect medical camera! Being one of the leading producers of medical endoscopy cameras, Olympus OTV - S7 is a product trusted by many physicians worldwide. Read along to find out more!