Bausch and Lomb, a company dedicated to protecting and enhancing the great gift of God that is the sight for millions of people around the world. With the mission to help people see better so that they can live better, they serve their customers by honing their innovative edge and executing with integrity and excellence, striving to earn the trust of the people that have chosen them. Bausch and Lomb are known as a company for their respected healthcare brands offering a vast and the finest range eyecare products including their Bausch and Lomb Phaco Handpiece that ships with their state-of-the-art Stellaris Elite Vision System.

With humble beginnings in 1853, Rochester, New York, a small shop specializing in optical equipment has now progressed to be a multibillion-dollar corporation spread worldwide. With over 165 years of history and experience, Bausch and Lomb have become a global hallmark for innovation and quality. The firm works relentlessly to stay true to their customers. Their highest priority being the safety and the well-being of the people they serve. To this extent, they even value the suggestions of their stakeholders to constantly bring about innovation and improvement in their products to respect the input their customers have provided while also providing the best products their customers could have.
The machine is intelligently made to be, well, intelligent. The machine adapts to the changes dynamically in real-time providing a smooth experience during operation. The Stellaris Elite empowers cataract surgeons by providing them complete control over each moment even the crucial procedural movements while supporting them all the way. This helps the surgeon to focus completely on the surgery and not the machine. Made for and specializing in cataract surgery, the machine offers more than the traditional. Encompassing technology that most firms keep separate in equipment, the range of Phaco handpieces it comes with is groundbreaking.

The machine is designed to be used in both anterior and posterior segment surgeries. The adaptive fluidics technology is one of the greatest innovations in the eye care industry. This technology helps stabilize intraocular pressure like no other which results in a highly responsive and controlled surgical environment radically improving lens removal efficiency. The innovation doesn’t end here. The dynamic infusion compensation technology (DICR) compensates for the dynamicity in ocular fluid flow that results in improved control and stability of the Bausch and Lomb Phaco Handpiece. Together with the Fluidics and the compensation technology work to monitor and compensate dynamically during surgery helping the surgeon concentrate during the surgery.

The attune energy management system in the Stellaris Elite works synchronously with the Adaptive fluidics technology to manage the chamber stability of the Bausch and Lomb Handpiece and vacuum efficiency in real-time to deliver highly efficient and controlled emulsification.

The customer service that is coupled with these devices makes the overall experience even better. Bausch and Lomb offer these devices for study and research purposes. The firm understands the value of proper training required by cataract surgeons and in line with their vision to help people see better, these devices are provided for practice to improve the future upcoming cataract surgeons.

The company not only excels in the eye care and surgical industry but also excels in community service. Bausch and Lomb’s corporate philanthropy and social investments help charities and supportive research. The firm also supports upcoming students that want to pursue opportunities in science and engineering through a non-profit organization called FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). The firm has also been providing excelling high school students with scholarships at the University of Rochester, New York ever since 1933 along with the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award. All of this matches perfectly with their vision to care about the futures of the people they serve.

In any case, time doesn’t wait for anyone. Nothing can withstand the preliminary of time. Furthermore, in that capacity, these incredible Handpieces are no special case. The nature of these gadgets faces more towards the arrangement of solid assistance during use instead of their capacity to withstand the trial of time. From fluctuating voltages to overheating, the wearing of sleeves and material debilitating its grasp to numerous different issues that these amazing gadgets can confront. A glitch can occur during use and its expense can be significantly more than can be paid.

Legitimate fix and support must be accommodated these items that perform consummately during medical procedures. The normal life expectancy of a Phaco Handpiece is 500 medical procedures. Considering the number of individuals that require eye care and medical procedure, that isn’t that extraordinary of a number. A few issues come up after this time. The links begin to wear off and the seals begin enduring endlessly coming about is spilling water. One of the most widely recognized ones is dropping the gadget incidentally. The significance of an update of these gadgets after recognizing any deformities is of a high need since the lives of the medical procedure experiencing patients depend on this.

Opthalmon has thought of the ideal arrangement of administrations that it can offer for these Phaco Handpieces, particularly for the Bausch and Lomb Phaco Handpieces repair. Presently, these Karl Storz Phaco Handpieces can be a torment to fix or revamp because of the advancement and innovation it takes to convey such a magnificent item. In this manner, firms that offer fix or restoration administrations for it cost a huge number of euros. Opthalmon begins the estimating of its administrations at a very low pricing. The administration quality may diminish with reducing cost however that is not the situation here. They offer a six-month standard guarantee and it very well may be stretched out to an entire year to suit your requirements.

No compelling reason to settle on quality because of cost, pick Opthalmon for your Karl Storz Phaco Handpieces repairs. With their group of particular specialists prepared to give and a serious client managing office, getting the Phaco Handpieces fixed won’t be an issue any longer. The support of these gadgets is exceptionally significant. The lifecycle for these gadgets isn’t so extraordinary yet with Opthalmon administration and care, these gadgets can run loaded with life once more. On the off chance that any of the crisis conditions are met by the client, the client gets a rebate. Opthalmon, a specialized partner in Phaco handpiece repair.

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Bausch and Lomb Millennium CX7000 Phaco Handpiece 

Life has been made easy and enjoyable for us because we have our gift of senses to interact freely with the world around us. Each sense is a miracle unique to each human and hence it is irreplaceable. If one of the senses do not work as they are supposed to, they cannot be replaced, the most a person can do is to train the other senses to deal with the absence of a sense rather than to replace it. Our eyes, the sense that helps us see the world are the same way, unique and irreplaceable. The importance of eyes as a gift from mother nature and their priceless value is something Bausch and Lomb realize with a lot of passion. With their roots traced back to 1853, as one of the oldest companies in the world, the legacy and the heritage is well maintained since day one. With highly extensive experience in the eyecare industry, and with a lot of innovative patents to their name since 1903, Bausch and Lomb are one of the pioneers of leading innovation in the eyecare medical industry. With a high degree of manufacturing precision, they have also been serving customers of war. Being the first ones to demonstrate its technological and innovative prowess for optical products, Bausch and Lomb provided the world with the first optical quality sunglasses which lead to the development of the pioneering and industry-leading sunglasses that were supplied for World War One to the US. This wasn’t the only noteworthy achievement in their vast legacy. Having designed the lens that took the first pictures of the moon, they innovated for the people and produced the first-ever soft contact lenses and continue to lead as the largest provider of eye care products to this day.

Bausch and Lomb Older Phaco Handpiece Models 

Bausch + Lomb, a division of Bausch Health Companies Inc., is exclusively committed to securing and upgrading the endowment of sight for many individuals around the globe – from the snapshot of birth through each period of life. Our crucial basic yet amazing: Helping you see better to live better. The organization is outstanding amongst other known and most regarded human services brands on the planet, offering the amplest and best scope of eye wellbeing items including contact focal points and focal point care items, pharmaceuticals, intraocular focal points and other eye medical procedure items. Our most elevated need is the prosperity of the individuals Bausch + Lomb serve. By tuning in to our clients and patients, by continually sharpening our advancement edge, by executing with uprightness and greatness, Bausch + Lomb endeavour to gain the trust of our accomplices and partners. Throughout the most recent 165 years, Bausch + Lomb has become a worldwide trademark for advancement and quality. Our gifted and inspired partners work steadily to design new materials, engineer new advances, and eventually, carry developments to assist individuals with seeing better to live better. One of the most established ceaselessly working organizations in the US today, Bausch + Lomb follows its underlying foundations to 1853, when John Jacob Bausch, a German worker, set up a minuscule optical product shop in Rochester, New York. At the point when he required more cash to prop the business up, Bausch acquired $60 from his old buddy, Henry Lomb. Bausch guaranteed that if the business developed, Lomb would be made a full accomplice. The business did develop and the organization was shaped. In the early years, Bausch + Lomb made progressive elastic eyeglass outlines just as an assortment of optical items that necessary a serious extent of assembling exactness. By 1903, the firm had been given licenses for the magnifying lens, optics, and even a camera shade dependent on the eye's response to light.

Bausch and Lomb Stellaris BL3170 Phaco Handpiece 

The 6 crystal BL3170 Phaco Handpiece for the B&L Stellaris Vision enhancement system delivers optimized 28.5 kHz frequency for continue power delivery and increased stroke length. If handled rightly it will provide you many months of dependable service. But, like all powered tools, it will eventually get the end of its helpful service life. The right Stellaris phaco handpiece repair professionals can restore your Attune handpiece to like-new situation. Our company has more than 10 years of combined experience repairing Stellaris phaco handpieces. All repairs are done at our facility and come with 6 month warranty. We provide expert phaco handpiece repair on any models and makes. This will extend their helpful life of a fraction of the cost of a new handpiece purchase. Our repairs contain:
  • New connectors
  • New seals throughout
  • New shims and electrodes
  • New piezo-electric crystals
  • Free comprehensive evaluation
  • Comprehensive performance and work testing
  • New cable and strain relief
  • Six month warranty covering workmanship and materials

Bausch and Lomb Stellaris BL3270 Fragmentation Handpiece

The medical world has been fortunate to have witnessed huge technological breakthroughs in devices and equipment used by medical practitioners. Especially in the modern age, where ocular related treatments and diagnosis have become all the more necessary. Devices like the PhacoFragmentation Hand-piece (BL3270), by Bausch and Lomb have remarkably helped make the work of doctors more convenient. Bausch + Lomb is a company whose reputation dates back to more than 170 years ago in the medical industry. Their surgical products and instruments have benefited the lives of many patients, suffering from eye-related ailments, across the globe. The Fragmentation Hand-piece, BL3270 has quartz crystals attached along its tip for higher precision and durability.