Diamond knives are a very important medical tool generally used in the ophthalmology department to correct vision. These knives have a diamond edge that is extremely sharp to ensure precise cuts.

It was first invented in the year 1955 by Humberto Fernandez-Moran, and now it is a vital tool in many scientific and medical applications.

Among many manufacturers of diamond knives, Katena stands tall as one of the most sought-after diamond knife manufacturers. They are known for their high-quality knives and services. Here, we’ll learn all about Katena and what it has to offer.

Katena – A Brief History

Katena is not a newbie to the diamond knife business. They have been around since 1975 under the legal name Katena Products, Inc. and are still extremely active. They are recognized as the worldwide top contender in specialty optometric and ophthalmic products.

The company is known for its biologics, optical instruments, lenses, and surgical instruments. Katena started their journey from the US, and now they supply their products all over the world.

Katena Products is now acquired by Corza Medical – a biosurgery and medical device company. Since 2021, Corza Medical has looked after the overall functioning of the company.

Diamond Knives

Diamond knives are one of the best-selling and popular tools amongst many from Katena Products. Their knives are made of high-quality materials that provide a top-notch feel and performance. There is no denying why Ophthalmologists all over the world love their products.

The most popular diamond knives from Katena Products are Diamond LRI micrometer Knife, Diamond AK Knife, Diamond Micrometer Knife, Diamond Knife, Katena Step Knife, Diamond Crescent Knife, and Diamond Phaco Knife, Phaco – 4 Diamond Knife, and MICS Diamond Knife. Let us go through each of them one at a time and learn about their specifications.

Diamond LRI micrometer Knife

It is silver in color and has a very sophisticated look.

This knife provides bidirectional cutting as it has 6 facet blade.

It has a single footplate that is highly polished for proper visualization and provides a buttery soft surface to glide.

The blade extensions come in 0 to 1.5mm in 10 microns increments.

Diamond AK Knife

The Diamond AK Knife has a double blade and comes in seven pre-calibrated settings as 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.6, and 1.5 mm.

High-quality knife with dual facet blade.

It is vertical and 45-degree cutting edge.

Diamond Micrometer Knife

It comes in three variants – K26530, K26533, and K26535.

The first variant has a single blade, 1mm wide, 45-degree cutting edge, and 200 microns thick.

The second variant has a double blade, vertical and 45-degree cutting edge, and is about 200 microns thick.

The last variant is a triple, 15-degree cutting edge with a 100-micron base.

Diamond Knife

Diamond knives come in 5 variants – K26560, K26561, K26565, K26567, and K26568.

They are all 1mm wide but have a different cutting edge. The first variant has a 30-degree cutting edge, the second – 45 degree, the third – tri-facet, the fourth – spear, and the fifth – 10 facet.

Katena Step Knife

These knives come in three variants – K26540, K26546, and K26548.

The blades of these knives are 1mm wide. The first variant has a 45-degree cutting edge, and it is vertical. The second variant has a tri-facet blade, and the last variant has a 10-facet.

They have pre-calibrated depth settings ranging from 0.2mm and 4.0mm.

Diamond Crescent Knife

Just as the name suggests, Diamond Crescent Knife has a crescent-shaped blade. It is 2.5mm

wide and angled.

Diamond Phaco Knife

The diamond Phaco Knife has a Keratome-shaped blade.

It comes in six variants – K2 6578, K2 6579, K2 6580, K2 6581, K2 6582, and K2 6583.

The blade ranges from 2.8 mm to 3.2 mm wide, and they are available both in straight and angled shapes.

Phaco-4 Diamond Knife

The Phaco-4 comes in five variants.

The blade is keratome-shaped, angled and has four cutting edges.

K2 6603 is 2.5mm wide, K2 6605 is 2.8 mm wide, K2 6607 is 3.0mm wide, K2 6609 is 3.2 mm wide and K2 6611 is 2.7 to 3.2 mm and has trapezoid blade.

MICS Diamond Knife

The MICS Diamond Knife also has a keratome-shaped blade, 4 cutting edges, and it is angled.

It comes in four variants – K2 6622, K2 6654, K2 6680, and K2 6682.

The first variant has a trapezoid blade, and it is 1.8 to 2.2mm wide. The second has a trapezoid blade, and it is 2.1 to 2.4 mm wide. The third and fourth are 1.8 mm and 2.2 mm, respectively.

Diamond Knife Repair

Diamond knives must be maintained and repaired regularly to ensure precise cuts and high performance. The edges can become dull and lose their sharpness over time. And hence, diamond blade sharpeners are available.

However, if your diamond knife is beyond repair, using tools at a time, you can get it repaired professionally.

For Katena, there is a repair policy that will enable you to repair your diamond knives. Diamond knives are quite expensive, and repurchasing all the time it gets dull is not a wise option. Therefore we advise you to fill out the repair form and get it repaired.

The steps for getting a repair are quick and simple. You’ll have to fill out a repair form from your registered account. Then sterilize the products being sent for repair, and put them in a sturdy box along with the repair form indicating which item is to be fixed. Then you can ship it to Katena’s address using a trackable and secure shipping service.

Other than using the company’s official repairing module, there are several companies in the market that does offer repairs of diamond knives.


A good company lasts a long time, and Katena Products proves it. Its high-quality product and service are what is keeping them well and functioning even after 20 years from its launch date.

Diamond knives are a vital tool in the medical realm, and Katena diamond knives come in various models to choose from.

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Katena – Crescent & Tunnel Diamond Knife

Katena Crescent-Tunnel

Technology really has proved the people time and again with its innovations and advancements made in various fields, especially the medical. Today, there are thousands of companies that manufacture life-saving medical devices, which years back; no one would have even imagined doing it. With the many companies competing to be at the top, there is no doubt the Katena Company stand tall and proud regarding technological advancements in ophthalmology. And why not, when they have been producing genuine and standard quality ophthalmic instruments since the 1970s! Among the many Katena diamond knives is the Katena Crescent Tunnel knife. This knife, in particular, is used mainly for making scleral tunnels, especially on a patient with a Glaucoma problem. Now, with many patients suffering from Glaucoma these days, the importance of the Crescent-Tunnel knife is at a peak. And speaking of which, Katena manufactures one of the finest standard quality Crescent Tunnel knives. Let’s look into some of the features of Katena Crescent Tunnel knife!

Katena – Micrometer Diamond Knife

Katena Micrometer

The medical field has seen extreme advancement and innovation with the coming of technology. Medical instruments get more and more innovated each year, making them easier for professionals to use during various treatments. And the field of ophthalmology is a near example. Cornea surgery, sclera incision, or cataract surgery would have never been possible with the invention of such modern instruments! Speaking of which, established in 1975, the Katena Company had and has been contributing immensely to the advancement of ophthalmology instruments. Their much advanced ophthalmic instruments are the proof of their excellent reputation. Their innovation and creativity are seen in many of their ophthalmic instruments, especially the Diamond Micrometer Knife. Without any further delay, let us look into the features of this incredible surgical instrument.

Katena – Preset & Step Diamond Knife

Katena Preset and step

Being able to see was not a blessing given to all until advancements in technology, especially in the ophthalmic field. Yes, with the innovations made in ophthalmic equipment, more and more eye complications have been successfully operated! Speaking of which, the Katena Company is no ordinary company when it comes to technological advances in the field of ophthalmology! They have been manufacturing and producing ophthalmic instruments since 1975. And the Katena diamond knife might be one of their advanced ophthalmic instruments. These knives come with a lot of cool features that you will be amazed too once you read about them. Many doctors or surgeons worldwide opt for Katena diamond knife because of its persistence and quality standard. Let's look into more about Katena Diamond Knife!

Katena – Specialty Diamond Knife

Katena ophthalmic solutions

Modern medical solutions have come a long way over the ages. Each new decade brings forth an array of new health problems and diagnoses. That’s why doctors are constantly in need of excellent quality medical tools, especially when it comes to ophthalmology. As the saying goes, modern problems require modern solutions; and it isn’t any different here. The treatment of one’s eyes is a crucial element in the medical field and should not be overlooked by any means. Ensuring one’s quality of vision is a challenging task in itself. Ophthalmologists must uphold the calibre of skill expected from them, even in the most demanding cases. Failure to do so can result in unforgivable consequences.

Katena – Standard Diamond Knife

Katena standard diamond knives

Being able to see is truly a blessing, and one doesn’t realize that until and unless something happens to their vision or eyes. With that having said, human beings have genuinely benefitted much from the innovations in the medical field. When it comes to ophthalmic instruments, Katena Company stands as one of the top companies that manufacture quality devices and delivers some of the best repair services. Established in the year 1975, Katena has been manufacturing some of the most delicate ophthalmic surgical instruments, and it distributes its products to more than 100 countries around the world! Not only that, Katena Company is also known to provide excellent repair service to its customers. Let us look more into the Katena diamond knives without any further a due date!