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The year 1981 marked the rise of a brand that delighted the medical community with an idealistic flare. A few decades later, we see that same flare light up hospitals and clinics across the globe. 

MASTEL is undoubtedly amongst the brightest and most inquisitive companies in the ophthalmology market. It has a family of loyal customers who share their goal of impeccable performance, excellent delivery and unquestionable quality. 

The brand has brought several innovative technologies in its 41 years of service. This includes a line of high-quality instruments that have transformed the way doctors perform ophthalmic surgery. MASTEL prides itself on the countless contributions to the medical community they have provided over the years. Their objective is to become a support system for doctors and practitioners worldwide. 

The company has supplied countless medical devices that are essential to every hospital and medical institution. They ushered in a myriad of innovative technology that allowed doctors to work with the latest surgical equipment. The main focus here is to make it much easier for medical practitioners to perform their jobs. It goes without saying that they established a real connection with the medical community as a whole.

MASTEL has always worked towards bettering thousands of lives across the globe. The company has delivered on its promises time and time again and introduced new concepts for health improvement. The brand has become a symbol of trust and dedication across many hospitals and medical clinics. 

A brief look at MASTEL’s history

As mentioned before, the MASTEL brand of engineering has been involved in producing high-quality surgical devices for decades. It all started in 1981 with the brilliant and inquisitive mind of Doug Mastel, a trained engineer in the field of metallurgy. 

Doug Mastel started his career by creating diamond-tipped drill bits, a high-demand tool in the industrial market. These drill bits are vital for drilling through hard and robust materials such as gemstones, fused glass and tiles. Doug Mastel displayed incredible skill in his work and was soon noticed by many of his peers across various fields. Eventually, he was approached by Dr Alan Baribeau, one of the most prominent leaders in ophthalmology. 

Dr Baribeau gave him the challenging task of creating reliable, durable and efficient diamond scalpels for cornmeal surgery. The ever-ready Doug Mastel gladly accepted the opportunity and immediately got to work. Soon, the world would see a unique range of the most pristine diamond scalpels ever to enter the market. This achievement etched the MASTEL brand in the very roots of revolutionary surgical technology. 

The MASTEL Arsenal

MASTEL is home to some of the highest performing surgical tools in the market today. It has a collection of some of the most highly sought after tools in ophthalmology. 

Their diamond knives are sharp, efficient and pristine; quality is never an issue here. Each scalpel, scissor, hook or marker comes with a unique and attractive look that appeals to the eyes. 

MASTEL tools don’t just work good; they FEEL good too. That is because they welcome and appreciate the passion for excellence, innovation and precision. 

Their arsenal includes a wide range of life-improving tools and devices that have positively impacted the medical community. It consists of a collection of high-quality instruments that are valued by thousands of doctors. 

The MASTEL style of manufacturing 

When it comes to manufacturing surgical instruments, the company makes sure to pass through every single step efficiently. Their speciality is the production of high precision ultra-thin surgical tools with reduced angle cutting edges. This unique product has become the benchmark of success for the Mastel brand. We guarantee you that no other company can deliver such refined and exquisite technology. 

MASTEL diamond knives are designed to be minimally invasive while making the many incisions required in ophthalmic surgery. The company uses some of the finest and most durable materials such as stainless steel and titanium. 

Such a level of quality strengthens the efficiency of the surgeon and guarantees the safety of the patients. After all, the whole point of making surgical tools is for the benefit of millions of patients around the world. That’s why MASTEL has a working philosophy that puts the needs of patients at the forefront. As they say, “Patient care comes first’’

The company has some of the most skilled technicians that consistently deliver high-quality tools for the masses. What’s more, each diamond knife produced by MASTEL goes through countless levels of improvement. Unsurprisingly, their products have proven their superior quality through multiple levels of testing. 

The community of craftsmen that belong to the MASTEL family have achieved a level of mastery that is unlike any other. The kind of workmanship and ethics found here are truly something special. It can be said without a doubt that MASTEL products have a level-A performance rating in all spheres.

When it comes to the manufacturing of MASTEL appliances, we guarantee that you will never find any errors. MASTEL customers and community members have quickly learnt that material defects are non-existent here. Every MASTEL device is manufactured with the greatest care, highest quality and the most efficient methods. This is a company that doesn’t believe in mistakes but instead in unparalleled quality. 

It goes without saying that the brand is more than welcome in the global medical community and continues to set an example to this day. 

What does the future look like for MASTEL?

MASTEL is proud to be one of the few domestic companies that create ophthalmic appliances of the highest quality. The level of support it has received from elite medical institutions proves its unmatched value. 

The company is on an upward track and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. They have the skills, they have the innovation, and they have the passion. But most importantly, MASTEL has the heart to work for the greatest cause on earth; the overall betterment of life.

We have no doubt that they will continue to exceed all expectations and carry forth the mission for medical innovation. 

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Mastel – Crescent & Tunnel Diamond Knife

Mastel Crescent Tunnel diamond scalpel 

Mastel’s line of premium quality diamond scalpels has set an irreplaceable standard in the medical industry. Renowned surgeons worldwide trust the Mastel brand for its unique approach and optimum accuracy. It's safe to say that no other brand has got what Mastel has.  It takes a lot of time and effort to instil the level of trust that people have in Mastel. This can be seen not only amongst famed surgeons but also amongst some of the top medical institutions of today.  In this article, we will be taking a detailed look at the Mastel series of crescent diamond scalpels. These scalpels have garnered a vast number of positive reviews from medical practitioners worldwide. So, without further ado, let's get right to it. 

Mastel – Micrometer Diamond Knife

Mastel Micrometer Diamond Scalpels

The Mastel range of micrometer diamond scalpels is one the best when it comes to ophthalmology instruments. The series consists of three models, each offering unique characteristics.   As we all know, no brand can compete with the quality and insight provided by Mastel. The popular company has set an exceptional standard for medical instruments across the globe. This quality of innovation can be mainly observed in their range of micrometer diamond scalpels.  So, without further ado, let us take a detailed look at each of the three scalpels in this range. 

Mastel – Preset & Step Diamond Knife

Mastel Preset and Step Diamond scalpels

Doug Mastel has risen to fame as one of the top innovators in the development of medical and surgical instruments. His expert knowledge in the design and production of new medical technology has brought us to a new era of invention.  His work can be seen in the many professional pieces of equipment that Mastel offers. These include everything from efficient clinical appliances to high-grade surgical devices.   As we all know, Doug Mastel himself is one of the most highly qualified surgeons in ophthalmology. It is the many years of experience and learning on the job that gave rise to his medical innovations. Today, we will be looking at two significant products from Mastel’s novelty brand. 

Mastel – Standard Diamond Knife

Mastel Medical Solutions

The year 2022 marks a significant era of technological progress and innovation in a string of industries. We have seen efficient changes and genuine improvements in all aspects of commercial technology. One of the industries that have significantly benefitted from these new developments, is the field of medical surgery.  The medical enterprise, especially the surgical sector, constantly needs such innovative inventions. After all, there is no reality where the health and well being of humanity should be ignored. That's why Mastel excels in providing high quality and efficient surgical instruments that improve the overall quality of life.  The company was founded by Doug Mastel back in 1981 and has quickly risen in fame and productivity. Mr Mastel is celebrated as one of the top minds in the medical enterprise. He based most of his creations on the knowledge gained from his countless surgeries. The fact that he learns from his own experiences gives Mastel products an edge in the medical market.  The company specialises in surgical and clinical appliances in the field of ophthalmology. Mastel employs thousands of qualified and skilled technicians who strive to improve the efficiency and safety of surgical instruments.  Today, Mastel is a recognised name in all sectors of the medical and surgical enterprise. What’s more, the Mastel brand comes with recognised and licensed by hallmark institutions such as the FDA and Health Canada.  They have an everlasting dedication to improving the quality and efficiency of all ophthalmic devices. This commitment can be reflected in any of their products.