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Ophthalmon SA has a vast client list from numerous countries so far. Many private and public clinicsophthalmology companies and ophthalmologists have trusted us so far to buy and sell their used phaco equipment along with their phaco handpieces.

Thus, we are able to sell you used phaco handpieces from any brand equipment, fully refurbished with warranty! Contact us in order to provide you the most competitive quotation for used phaco handpieces from all major companies (Alcon, Bausch and Lomb) as well as Oertli, Lumed, AOI, Geuder, Optikon, Staar, etc.

Are you looking to upgrade your phacomulsification device by buying a used phaco equipment? We are able to provide a complete quotation for your upgrade, only with phaco equipment we know that are of top condition at the best prices of the market.

Sell your used phaco handpiece to Ophthalmon SA in order to receive the highest bid from prospective buyers. We welcome requests for upgrades, as well as discounts from upcoming repairsContact us with your needs and we will surely do our best to cover them.

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