Retinoscope is one of the important instruments in ophthalmology and an error in it needs immediate repair to help ophthalmologists in moving a spot or streak of light in an eye’s pupil to observe reflective movement, or in prescribing the correct eye lenses or other diagnostic results for patients.

The technology is used to determine a refractive error, latent hyperopia and accommodative ability of the eyes. Keeler retinoscope is one of the best-engineered devices in the industry with versatile features and easy to change bulb technique.

However, the Keeler retinoscope has a life span limitation and prone to damage if dropped or mishandled. It may undergo internal misbalancing without any known reason and cease to function correctly. As we have a good name in Keeler retinoscope repair service in the industry, we invite you to contact us immediately if the smooth functioning of it is a problem lately.

We have a range of services options and pride ourselves for tailored Keeler retinoscope repair service. We have been successfully serving the industry for years and our customers range from corporate eye hospital chains to small eye clinics in the neighborhood.

We believe in offering high-quality Keeler retinoscope repair service and to ensure the same a hassle-free warranty is offered against any issue in the equipment to all our customers. We also have the option of a warranty extension to help you have peace of mind for months after the repair.

There are several types of retinoscopy available in the market like dynamic retinoscopy, near retinoscopy, chromo retinoscopy, string retinoscopy and radical retinoscopy to find the exact problem of eyes.

As we are an innovative company, we understand the need of the latest medical equipment and what doctors look for. We have trained professionals in our team who are consistent in offering Keeler retinoscope repair service. They are well acquainted with all the types of the retinoscope.

Our Keeler retinoscope repair service is cost-effective and highly customer-oriented. We cover all types of repairs whether those have major or minor problems. We are faithful in our principles and respect the convenience of customers.

We hold expertise in Keeler retinoscope repair and our team undergoes regular in-house training to specialize themselves in the service segment. They are well-acquainted with all the brands and understand each and every part perfectly while repairing the defects.

We encourage all the doctors, clinics and hospitals to email us the problem being faced in the equipment and this will help us in offering a competitive quote. This will provide an estimate about what could be the cost of the Keeler retinoscope repair. You can also send us the faulty retinoscope so that we can send you a free report of the defects. This can help us proceed with the repair work to the earliest, without any obligation.

The entire Keeler retinoscope repair process is fast and fair at our end. This attitude and extreme professionalism in our work has helped us gain popularity in the repair segment for years. We value your trust in us.

Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope

Keeler’s soon to be patented Professional  Combi LED Retinoscope is an ergonomic and portable handheld diagnostic tool that you can hold for many years. Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope is very easy to use with its clip-off and clip-on feature. Superbly accurate refraction from the highest illumination, excellent contrast, and sharpness piece of equipment you can hold with an extended battery life. However, as it rarely may fail you, our company has been an excellent provider of Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope repair service, so you should contact us. Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope LED technology has an extended on-time of 300%. The Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope allows doctors to swiftly change from spot to streak with the facility to double-check neutralization in each one of the modes. A rare Earth magnet technology has been utilized to show an exquisite optical refraction. Turn just a button to rotate, converge and diverge. All of our clients are very happy with the purchase of a Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope, but when the time comes for its annual refurbishment, Ophthalmon is the best provider for a Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope repair. Contact us today for a hassle - free quotation.

Keeler Spot Retinoscope

A proper functioning Keeler Spot retinoscope is important. An error in the eye-diagnosing machine can never help ophthalmic professionals to prescribe the right treatment to patients. Hence, we have developed an outstanding repairing in-house service center to deal with any issue during the Keeler Spot retinoscope repair. The professional spot retinoscope comes with a unique optical design to make the instrument truly bimodal retinoscope. There is no compromise in the quality and offers access to several advanced features. The bulb illumination of the Keeler Spot retinoscope is either of 2.8V or 3.6V and the batteries required are AA and rechargeable lithium battery respectively. We, at Ophthalmon, are one of the best companies to deal with Keeler Spot  retinoscope repair and pride ourselves to offer tailored repair service of the ophthalmology instrument. The entire process of Keeler Spot retinoscope repair is implemented in-house and this is the reason we are fast as well as fair. Our repair quote is highly competitive and we are able to calculate the estimated cost upfront to give peace of mind to our clients.

Keeler Streak Retinoscope

We have a professional team of technicians who hold expertise in the Keeler Streak retinoscope repair and understand what exactly has gone wrong in the instrument. All of them are well equipped with complete knowledge of repairing the Keeler Streak retinoscope. We encourage all the hospitals, clinics and doctors to email us details of the problem being faced while using the Keeler Streak retinoscope. This will help our repair team to calculate the cost of repairing and send you a correct quote upfront. We believe in offering to all our clients a high-quality Keeler Streak retinoscope repair service and ensure the entire process to be completely hassle-free. We offer a warranty after the instrument is repaired. The warranty is extendable to offer further peace of mind. As we are an innovative company in the repair segment, we are able to easily understand the requirement of hospitals, clinics and doctors. Our years of experience in the industry have also helped us in earning a good name. We are well-acquainted with the knowledge of various models of retinoscope and hence can easily implement the repair work. All our repair work is customer-oriented and cost-effective, irrespective of the level of problems in the Keeler Streak retinoscope instrument. We highly respect the convenience of our customers and maintain a professional attitude. We have a long list of clientele for being faithful in our principles and are easily reachable by way of email, phone and physical address. Our quick response team coordinates with the repair query immediately during business hours.