Alcon has been one of the pioneers of products in the ophthalmic domain. With precise and accurate products backed by very high quality and strength, Alcon products are nothing to scoff at. Alcon’s Centurion Vision System introduced the INTREPID technology that bought out accurate and state-of-the-art quality handpiece tips that are a breeze to work with. From its humble beginnings in a small pharmacy in Fort Worth, Texas to now in 2020, along with more than 70 years of experience, heritage and legacy, they are the largest eye care company in the world with spread even in the surgical and vision care industry.

In 1969, Alcon welcomed their surgical division into the world after a huge success in eye care medicine. Just two decades later, they purchase CooperVision Surgical to become the world’s leading ophthalmic surgical company. Success was a friend until they released the CONSTELLATION Vision System for vitreoretinal surgery, then success came even closer. With the innovation of this scale, Alcon had sealed the zenith of the Eyecare industry for themselves. And the products just got better and better with time and technology. With their latest Centurion vision system for their surgical line of products, they have proved that they are at the top for a reason.

Their passion for helping people see brilliantly has transformed eye care possibilities into reality through intense innovation and guiding the development of their products. This innovation shows in their Centurion vision system that was made for cataract surgery. Dubbed, “the centurion effect”, the impact of this machine on the surgical domain lives up to its name. The machine is completely adaptive and suits the surgeon and the patient real-time to smoothen the surgery. The machine is efficient in the emulsification of the artificial lens requiring minimal fluid.

The artificial lens fluid is transferred into the eye using a Phaco handpiece. The problem with this is that since the handpiece is made of metal, it gets heated up during surgery which causes a lot of complications during surgery. The centurion vision system is paired with an Intrepid technology Alcon Phaco handpiece with an intrepid balanced tip to reduce the temperature rise much more efficiently when compared to the traditional technology.

The intrepid hybrid tip takes safety to the next level. With a hybrid tip structure, the stroke of this handpiece is very efficient which also results in reduced clogging that makes lens removal consistent.

Its efficient doesn’t stop there since the lens removal is efficient, the amount of BS solution used is significantly reduced. But there’s more, the Intrepid Technology offers not one, but three different handpieces according to the utility required by the surgeons. The intrepid balanced tip brings speed to a focus by increasing torsional movement at the distal end while reducing tip movement at the incision emphasizing on safety. Due to its focus on speed, sharpness is a key factor for achieving that speed. Which it does and with it the incision making process becomes highly efficient.
Then comes the Intrepid transformer I/A handpiece. Made for over the clock usage, it provides greater access behind the lens for viscoelastic removal. It provides smooth, one-handed cortex removal with a capsular-friendly tip out of the box. The stability on this handpiece is great as well provided by its sleeving. The features can go on and it goes to show the level of ingenuity the products have and the passion for helping people see better through their days of living and the appreciation for the gift of sight.
But time is true evil. There’s nothing that can withstand the trial of time. And as such, these great handpieces are no exception. The quality of these devices faces more towards the provision of reliable service during usage rather than their ability to withstand the test of time. From fluctuating voltages to overheating, the wearing of sleeves and material weakening its grip to many other problems that these excellent devices can face. A malfunction can happen during usage and the cost of it can be a lot more than can be paid.

Proper repair and maintenance must be provided for these products that perform perfectly during surgeries. The average lifespan of a Phaco handpiece is 500 surgeries. Considering the population of people that require eye care and surgery, that is not that great of a number. Several issues come up after this timeframe. The cables start to wear off and the seals start weathering away resulting is leaking water. One of the most common ones is dropping the device accidentally. The importance of an overhaul of these devices after spotting any defects is of a high priority since the lives of the surgery undergoing patients rely on this.

Opthalmon has come up with the perfect series of services that it can offer for these Phaco handpieces, especially for the Alcon Phaco handpieces. Now, these Alcon Phaco handpieces can be a pain to repair or refurbish due to the innovation and technology it takes to deliver such an excellent product. Therefore, firms that offer repair or refurbishment services for it cost thousands of euros. Opthalmon starts the pricing of its services much lower. The service quality might decrease with price but that’s not the case here. We offer a six-month standard warranty and it can be extended to a full year to suit your needs.

No need to compromise on quality due to price, choose Opthalmon for your services. With their team of specialized technicians trained to provide and a competitive customer dealing department, getting the Phaco handpieces repaired will not be a hassle anymore. The maintenance of these devices is highly important. The lifecycle for these devices isn’t that great but with Opthalmon service and care, these devices can run full of life again. Opthalmon, a specialized partner in Alcon Phaco handpiece repair.

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Alcon Active Sentry Phaco Handpiece

Envisioning existence without the five senses that we've been given as people is a massive accomplishment. Each sense in the human body does a capacity that can't be reproduced by some other sense. Each sense is extraordinary and hence indispensable. The most a human can do is to prepare different faculties to fill in for the hole of a missing sense, not supplant it. The visual input from our eyes works the same way. Our eyes are a wonder, a production of amazement. They are lovely and great in what they do, give light to our lives. Alcon is an eye care organization that understands this reality. The organization understands the significance and the precious worth of the endowment of sight. With a plus 70-year legacy, they have persistently served individuals with an energy, the worth of sight. This gives Alcon the reason for assisting individuals with seeing splendidly. To this degree, they propel themselves past the restrictions of "best in class" and advance innovation that reforms and drives the eye care area further ahead for the improvement of individuals. Because of their sheer commitment, they currently lead the eyecare business with a tremendous scope of eye care and eye wellbeing items that can deal with nearly everything imaginable. This can be sensed by the quality of their products. Alcon has also been a leading pioneer in the development of eye surgery equipment. With bespoke performance and quality, these products define sophistication. With the innovative edge, Alcon surgical products are providing the surgeons with the best of the best. The Alcon centurion vision system is a great example of the innovation and quality that Alcon imbues into its equipment. This vision system has been designed keeping each variable and possibility in mind. There is no compromise. The Centurion vision system with an Active Sentry handpiece with reference number 8065752914 is redefining phacoemulsification performance. Its innovative design and real-time surge reduction can help the surgeon offer a new baseline of safety, consistency and control to every cataract patient. The Active Sentry Handpiece is the first and only Phaco handpiece equipped with a pressure sensor thus providing an unprecedented amount of responsiveness. The handpiece communicates with hardware and software for more consistent procedures and superior surge reduction. The Centurion Active Fluidics Technology dynamically manages IOP in a wide range of surgical settings that provide the surgeon operational stability from start to finish.

Alcon Centurion Phaco Handpiece 

If you’ve any model of Alcon Centurion Phaco handpiece with reference number 8065751761 that’s not working, just let us provide you a no-cost evaluation, and get it repaired or refurbished! Our talented technician can get your Centurion Phaco hand piece to like-new condition at a small part of the cost of replacing the complete unit. Our comprehensive evaluations are free of cost and we return your Phaco hand piece rapidly, keeping your surgeries process on schedule. We’ll explain the problem to you and provide you with an evaluation of any small of major faults we find. No work starts until our team receives your approval. We utilize OEM specification part suppliers wherever possible. After repair or refurbishment, every hand piece received complete performance as well as functional testing including sterilization testing. All repair parts exceed or match the OEM specs and we provide proper guarantee those parts and our repair work for a minimum of six months. At Ophthalmon we repair and refurbish all models including Alcon Centurion phaco handpiece and any other Phaco Hand Piece brands. We are not implying that we’ve any affiliation or representation with any of the manufacturers in any way. We are just saying that we can fix it in the best way for you!

Alcon Infiniti Ozil Phaco Handpiece 

Imagining life without the five senses that we’ve been given as humans is a herculean feat. Each sense in the human body does a function that cannot be replicated by any other sense. Each sense is unique and therefore irreplaceable. The most a human can do is to train the other senses to fill in for the gap of a missing sense, not replace it. The visual feedback from our eyes works the same way. Our eyes are a miracle, a creation of awe. They are beautiful and excellent in what they do, provide the light for our lives. Alcon is an eyecare company that realizes this fact. The company realizes the importance and the priceless value of the gift of sight. With a 70 plus year heritage, they have relentlessly served people with one passion, the value of sight. This gives Alcon the purpose of helping people see brilliantly. To this extent, they push themselves beyond the limits of “state-of-the-art” and innovate technology that helps revolutionize and drive the eyecare domain further ahead for the betterment of people. Due to their sheer dedication, they now lead the eyecare industry with a vast range of eye care and eye health products that can handle almost anything you can throw at them. This can be sensed by the quality of their products. Alcon has also been a leading pioneer in the development of eye surgery equipment. With bespoke performance and quality, these products define sophistication. With the innovative edge, Alcon surgical products are providing the surgeons with the best of the best. The 8065750469 Alcon Infiniti Ozil Phaco Handpiece is a great example of the innovation and quality that Alcon imbues into their equipment. This Phaco Handpiece has been designed keeping each variable and possibility in mind. There is no compromise.

Alcon Infiniti Ultrasonic Phaco Handpiece

The horizon of the world that connects with us is possible only through the five senses we have. A way to connect to the world and the people we love around us, that is what our senses are meant for. The eyesight is one of the most precious senses we have, enabling us to absorb what we can see all around us, to see our loved ones, friends and family. Eyesight is a gift of Nature and is critical to survival. Each of the five senses is the most important for what they do and cannot be replaced. The most a human can do is to train the other senses to “fill-in” for the sense that is missing. The health of our senses carries a vast amount of importance in our lives. Alcon is an eyecare firm that realizes the importance of the gift of sight. This realization has driven Alcon to strive for the welfare of human eyesight by helping them see brilliantly, and live brilliantly. With more than 70 years under the heritage belt, the experience they have is shown in their devotion to people with their highly life-changing eye care products. Their vision and passion for providing better seeing for people result in an innovation that defines revolution in the eyecare industry. With pioneering and leading products in the market, Alcon remains humble in their path to bring better eye care to the people. All of this can also be seen in their surgical products for the eye. The equipment’s quality speaks for itself. Alcon doesn’t hold back with the innovation of its surgical products as well, providing surgeons with the edge and confidence they require during their call of duty. Highly reliable products that bring out the best in the surgeons and give their best for the patients as well.

Alcon Older Phaco Handpiece Models

Alcon is the worldwide pioneer in eye care, devoted to helping individuals see splendidly. With our 70 or more-year legacy, Alcon is the biggest eye care gadget organization on the planet – with correlative organizations in Surgical and Vision Care. Being a genuinely worldwide organization, Alcon works in more than 70 nations and serve patients over 140 nations. Alcon has a long history of industry firsts, and every year Alcon submit a considerable sum in Research and Development to address client issues and patient requests. Alcon is the biggest eye care gadgets organization on the planet. Everything began in 1945, with two youthful noblemen, Robert Alexander and William Conner. These youthful and trying noblemen opened their first little drug store in Fort Worth, Texas named "Alcon", by consolidating the main syllables of their last names. In any case, these respectable men had an objective as a main priority, to improve the universe of eye care and medication. Following five years of being a little drug store, in 1950 they delivered their initial two ophthalmic items; Ophthalzin, for minor eye contaminations and Zincfrin, for red and bothersome eyes. As Robert and William picked up involvement with the market, they understood that the main path forward is development. Along these lines, in 1953, they began delivering their eye drops in the DROPTAINER eye drop apportioning bottle which they protected and has gotten the norm around the world today. Quick forward sixteen years of a fantastic business, Alcon made its careful division in 1969 alongside seven partners. The advancement of their careful division was over a triumph. In this way, in 1989, they purchased CooperVision Surgical to turn into the world's driving ophthalmic careful organization. With the organization on the skyscraper, they delivered another of their advancement eye care items, the Focus delicate contact focal point for intermittent substitution the following year. Also, in 2003, another eye drop; Systane, for the treatment of the dry eye. In 2005, Alcon began getting into the arrival of careful hardware. They began by the arrival of AcrySof and ReSTOR Intraocular Lenses (IOL) in 2005 to quickly turn into a worldwide innovator in multifocal IOLs by offering the vastest cluster of eye care and eye wellbeing items.