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Alcon Centurion Phaco Handpiece 

If you’ve any model of Alcon Centurion Phaco handpiece with reference number 8065751761 that’s not working, just let us provide you a no-cost evaluation, and get it repaired or refurbished! Our talented technician can get your Centurion Phaco hand piece to like-new condition at a small part of the cost of replacing the complete unit. Our comprehensive evaluations are free of cost and we return your Phaco hand piece rapidly, keeping your surgeries process on schedule. We’ll explain the problem to you and provide you with an evaluation of any small of major faults we find. No work starts until our team receives your approval. We utilize OEM specification part suppliers wherever possible. After repair or refurbishment, every hand piece received complete performance as well as functional testing including sterilization testing. All repair parts exceed or match the OEM specs and we provide proper guarantee those parts and our repair work for a minimum of six months. At Ophthalmon we repair and refurbish all models including Alcon Centurion phaco handpiece and any other Phaco Hand Piece brands. We are not implying that we’ve any affiliation or representation with any of the manufacturers in any way. We are just saying that we can fix it in the best way for you!