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Optikon Phaco Handpiece

Spending life without the five senses that we've been given as individuals is an immense achievement. Each sense in the human body does a limit that can't be imitated by some other sense. Each sense is striking. The most a human can do is to get ready various resources for fill in for the opening of a missing sense, not supplant it. The visual responsibility from our eyes works a relative way. Our eyes are a powerful event, a headway of wonder. They are great and shocking in what they do, give light to our lives. Optikon is an eyecare alliance that acknowledges this reality. The association acknowledges the centrality and the unimaginably noteworthy estimation of the endowment of sight. Since 1966, they have constantly served people with one imperativeness, the estimation of sight. This gives Optikon the explanation behind helping people see eminently. To this degree, they push themselves past the limitations of "high level" and improve headway that changes and drive the eyecare region further ahead for the advancement of people. Thinking about their sheer commitment, they lead the eyecare business with a great level of eye care and eye achievement things that can manage almost anything you can throw at them. Optikon was created in 1966 for the sole purpose of developing new ophthalmological technology with the highest quality and accuracy so that eye professionals have the tools to optimize their patients’ eyesight. Today Optikon has more than 100 employees and a well-established manufacturing capability, but our approach has not changed: every day Optikon provides answers for clinical and surgical problems. Our innovations are the unique foundation of our company. Optikon considers every request as a challenge for us to create a new solution. Optikon boasts more than 40 years of Research and Development experience meeting ophthalmologists' needs, with the latest in technology and engineering skills. The design and development of our innovative and competitive equipment represent the critical factor from which all of Optikon’s technological successes have stemmed. The Optikon production system has a well-established reputation for turning out superior equipment with superior price performance, a capacity furnished by our investment in the most innovative and advanced manufacturing technologies. Also, Optikon identifies the most qualified suppliers of materials, high-tech components, and logistical services. Optikon is an ISO9001 and CE certified company. The Optikon Quality Assurance department updates its procedures and reviews its processes, from product design through after-sale support to ensure their compliance with the highest quality standards.