Oertli phaco handpiece repair

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Οertli Phaco Handpiece

Buying an oertli phacoemulsification handpiece is a big investment, and you want to make sure you get the most use for your money. That means taking right care of it.

Explore 3 vital phaco handpiece repair and care steps you should take to spread the lifespan of your equipment.

Keep your handpiece sterile

The most vital aspect of phaco handpiece care you should master is the sterilization process. Oertli phaco handpiece sterilization is important to extending the lifespan of your handpiece. Your handpiece will need to be sterilized after and before each use. This stops much of the wear and tear a handpiece will experience every day.

Not only do you need to sterlize the handpiece, you need to use the right phaco handpiece sterilization process.  You are required to use cleaning agents and processes advised by the producer.

Alternate between a few handpieces

An error that many surgeons do is investing in just one phaco handpiece. Although they are a costly piece of equipment, having more than 1 handpiece is essential for maintaining the longevity of your tool. Instead of using the same handpiece again and again, you should alternate between multiple. This makes sure no single handpiece is experiencing extreme wear and tear. And, while you are going via the phaco handpiece sterilization process, you will always have another handpiece ready for use.