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Accutome – Keeler Standard Diamond Knives

Keeler Accutome medical solutions

When we talk of quality and innovation in the medical community, one name that comes to mind is Accutome by Keeler. What was once two separate entities recently became united in the strife for medical excellence.  Accutome and Keeler have joined forces to provide a golden standard in medical technology. Moreover, ever since this alliance took place, their service to the medical community has doubled in size, quality and innovation.  The company is soon to enter its fourth and greatest decade in the world of ophthalmic enterprise. Accutome has made a name for itself in the medical community and continues to gain influence with each passing day.  But why is the brand so good? What do they have that makes them stand out from the competition? The answer isn’t some secretive and superior form of technology or groundbreaking technique. While it's true that Accutome is abundant with medical and technological ingenuity, that's not the only reason why it is celebrated today.  The Accutome brand believes in hard work and dedication to its clients, which means they always put the customers first. That's why they work vigorously on improving their customer service department. We aren’t saying that they don’t deliver on the quality and innovation; everyone is well aware of the standard brought by this household name. Accutome understands that good service is the hallmark of excellence, and they have definitely taken this to heart.  The company believes in making everything as convenient as possible for its customers. When you call Accutome, you’ll NEVER get their voicemail, even on the busiest of days. They are always available at the customer’s convenience, not their own, which is a refreshing and rare quality.  To solidify this promise, Accutome will give you a 10 % discount on your next order, isn’t that great? We guarantee that you won’t find this kind of convenience with any other company. 

Amidia – Micrometer Diamond Knife

Amidia diamond knife with micrometer

Precision, accurate cutting edges and comfort are what we look for during medical incisions. Diamond knives have come a long way in providing ophthalmologists with the sharpness and efficient comfort needed to perform successful surgeries. Given that diamond blades do not get damaged without improper use, it is a way to cut down on the costs of blades and is considered advancement in medical equipment. Amidia is one of the top-class companies that manufacture the best diamond knives. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing diamond knives, the professionalism and quality of the diamond knives that they offer are unmatched. The Amidia diamond knife with a micrometer is reasonably the best you can opt for. The precision it offers is less than none, and you can read the black scale effortlessly. Rest assured, you can take exact measurements.

Amidia – Preset & Step Diamond Knife

Amidia diamond knives - Step knives and Preset knives

With the advancement of issues in the human body, more complicated surgeries need to be performed, and diamond knives have proved to give an exceedingly superior incision performance than the regular blades. Diamond blades can also be referred to as an ophthalmologist’s best friend since precision is needed to handle the job. They are cost-effective since with proper care, they’re reusable and do not get damaged without improper usage. You can opt for a diamond knife repair service at Amidia in case of any non-severe damages. Amidia has proven to be a top-tier diamond knife manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the diamond knife world. With experience comes professionalism; with a strict quality rule intact, they are dedicated to manufacturing only the best in quality diamond knives. The Amidia diamond knives: step knives, and preset knives, are the best of their kind. With the perfect handle made with titanium, you can be at ease with having the benefits of comfort and precision at the same time.  

Amidia – Specialty Diamond Knife

Amidia - various types of Diamond knives

Diamond knives are needed for all kinds of complicated surgeries since it has been proven that these knives offer various help and an exceptionally higher level of incision performance compared to regular surgical blades. Diamond blades are also well known for their reusable and unlikely-to-break features that help cut down on costs compared to standard knives, so these knives are fully equipped all over and are appreciated by surgeons around the globe. Amidia is well known globally as a top-tier diamond knife manufacturer bragging with experience of over 20 years in the diamond knife market. In addition to manufacturing extraordinarily well-built diamond knives, the company has a hand in advancing medical products such as these. The quality of the various types of diamond knives that Amidia offers, like the black diamond knives, cosmetic diamond knives for plastic surgery, and the nanodiamond knives with different handles, are unmatched. You can count on the blades for perfect incisions and proficiently use these knives with the various features.

Amidia – Standard Diamond Knife

Amidia diamond knife with pressure and j-slot mechanism

Extremely sharp-edged and with an edge that can endure time is vital for scientific and medical applications. Furthermore, with the outstanding results in the past to date, using diamond knives for incisions is significant in cutting more smoothly and reducing many possible life-threatening effects. The incisions made by these knives are found to cause minor trauma. A leading company dedicated to providing and manufacturing the best quality diamond knives for plastic surgeries, ophthalmology, and microsurgeries is Amidia. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Amidia has manufactured a surreal number of quality diamond knives and continues to help advance medical and scientific equipment. The standard diamond knives manufactured at Amidia are used for smooth cutting with precision in complicated surgeries. The reusable knives are the perfect advancement to single-use knives since they cut more smoothly and help cut down on costs. Amidia offers standard diamond knives with handles made with a j-slot mechanism and pressure mechanism giving the perfect desired control for various complex incisions.  

DGH – KOI – Micrometer Diamond Knife

DGH-KOI diamond knife with Micrometer

The advancement in technology has led to various improvements in our everyday casual lives, especially in the medical field. Most companies and businesses strive to achieve every day by giving the medical department an excellent way to perform all their procedures and surgeries with advanced medical pieces of equipment. DGH-KOI is one of the leading companies globally that manufactures the best-in-class medical equipment and diamond knives. Standing and serving the medical departments since 1982, it is safe to say that the company is driven with the utmost professionalism when serving ophthalmologists and any eye care professionals around the globe. The DGH-KOI diamond knives take incisions with precisions to the max level. Each diamond knife cuts efficiently since the quality is monitored by strict manufacturing laws created within the company and is mounted on handles with features like the micrometer handle.

DGH – KOI – Preset & Step Diamond Knife

DGH-KOI Preset and Step

With the advancement of technology, there have been immense innovations in many fields, especially the medical field. The medical equipment and instruments are the living proof of this innovation. One of the leading companies manufacturing quality and excellent medical instruments is the DGH-KOI. It has been manufacturing ophthalmic diamond knives as well as repairing them since the 1980s. And guess what? They have been manufacturing and improving over 100,000 knives! Medical doctors opt for knives that make every incision and surgery precise and smooth. And the DGH-KOI diamond knife, without a doubt, stands on the top of the list. Why so much hype for this knife? Each and every diamond knife goes through 28 steps of quality assurance check, which seals and guarantees its excellence.

DGH – KOI – Standard Diamond Knife

DGH-KOI diamond knives with Pressure mechanism and J-slot

In today's world, technology and various medical types of equipment have come a long way in improving our everyday casual lives, especially in the medical field. One such invention is the Diamond knife. Diamond knives are a pure advancement compared to disposable knives since they are reusable and offer precision in every smooth cut. Companies and industries are battling to manufacture the best diamond knives and technologies to aid medical institutions in advancing various surgical procedures and assisting ophthalmologists and different types of surgeons by making it easier for them to perform multiple surgeries. DGH-KOI is one of the top leading companies globally that manufactures the best-in-class standard diamond knives and medical equipment. Their service to the medical departments dates back to 1982 till date. With its professionalism and quality products, DGH-KOI is globally recognized by Ophthalmologists and any professionals that deal with eye care. The standard DGH-KOI diamond knives can make incisions to the next level with better accuracy and comfort. KOI’s standards are on another level and as such, the diamond knives they manufacture are inspected over 100x to give you only the best in class. All the diamond knives cut smoothly since the quality of the diamond knives is tracked by the company's strict manufacturing laws. The handles of the diamond knives come with features like the pressure mechanism and j-slot.

Karl Storz – Crescent & Tunnel Diamond Knife

Storz  Crescent-Tunnel Diamond Knife

The powerhouse behind the popular company Storz is Bausch + Lomb. This is another leading company in the global eye health scene. The company solely focuses on enhancing, restoring, and protecting people's eyesight. This focus can be seen reflected in the surgical equipment produced by Storz. Under such heavy influences, it's not a surprise that Storz is a considerable name in developing and marketing eye surgical equipment such as diamond knives. The company has been globally developing and manufacturing high-quality diamond knives for a long time. The best part about Storz is the equipment is created using the latest technology to ensure it performs and adapts to all the advanced surgical techniques. One particular diamond knife from Storz is the E0108 Crescent-tunneling diamond knife used in scleral tunnelling. Let's look into more details about the tool.

Karl Storz – Preset & Step Diamond Knife

Storz Step Diamond Knife 

Today, with the advancement of technology and new surgical techniques, top surgical tools like diamond knives are getting more and more in demand. And a leafy company meeting this demand with efficiency is Storz. Storz is known for its excellent development and manufacturing ability in the field of ophthalmic surgical instruments. With manufacturing facilities planted in several countries, the company is a global provider of diamond knives. But on top of developing excellent diamond knives, Storz is also known for its technological advancement, which is also seen in its equipment. The company even works hand-in-hand with world-class surgeons to curate and develop the finest surgical tools in the ophthalmic industry. The Storz E0117 Step Diamond Knife is a great innovation born out of this collaboration. Let’s get a detailed review of the tool.

Karl Storz – Specialty Diamond Knife

Storz Diamond Knives 

Storz is a name that continues to represent quality craftsmanship as the company expands more and more of its territory in the medical equipment field. From providing a wide range of surgical instruments to developing quality tools, Storz has become a pioneer in creating innovative tools that not assist surgeons but patients as well. Equipment-wise, Storz has an excellent collection of high-performing tools that regularly assist surgeons during their run inside the surgery room. One prominent tool is the diamond knife.

Karl Storz – Standard Diamond Knife

Storz Standard Diamond Knife

In the surgical scene, the instruments offered by Storz are known to be on a massive scale. The surgical instruments cater to several types of surgeries ranging from refractive to corneal surgery and more. With 100+ years in the surgical field, the company has collaborated with numerous top-class surgeons to optimize and create efficient eye surgery tools such as diamond knives. Store's diamond knives are known for their signature high performance among surgeons, leading design, and excellent quality. A key weapon of Storz has always been its technological integration into its tools, and this is the case with the Storz standard diamond knife as well. Paired with a great design and performance, offers surgeons a new experience in handling the tool confidently and flexibly.