AOI phaco handpiece repair

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AOI CX7000 Compatible Phaco Handpiece 

American Optisurgical Incorporated is located in southern California. The company also known as AOI, operates from a 20,000 square foot facility in the city of Lake Forest, California. Mr. Cameron has founded the company back in 1992 and has been since one of the leaders in ophthalmology equipment. One of the highest grossing item they ever made was the AOI CX7000 compatible phaco handpiece. However, as with every piece of equipment, it has a limited life span. Ophthalmon is able to repair this handpiece, as well as any other handpiece brand. As soon as we get the Phaco handpiece, our technicians start the diagnosis by fully disassembling the tool, including the transducer. All cables, connectors, electrodes, piezoelectric ceramics and seals are discarded, to be changed with fresh parts. Next, we check and ultrasonically clean the shell housing and remaining transducer parts. Then, we reassemble the transducer, make it with a new cable or connector, and test it. Finally, the transducer/cable assembly is fit into the shell housing with all fresh seals. Before shipping your repaired AOI CX7000 compatible phaco handpiece back to you, we check it one final time and it is autoclaved. We provide full repairing of Phaco handpiece. From new connector to new crystal every item will get change. Just fill up our repair work order form and get quote.

AOI Οertli Compatible Phaco Handpiece

American Optisurgical Incorporated is a California based ophthalmology business. Well known for designing and manufacturing a wide variety of innovative medical devices, AOI is mostly known for the high quality phaco handpieces they manufacture, such as the AOI Oertli compatible phaco handpiece. Despite, the non-negotiable quality, there is a set number of surgeries, before it is in need of a full rehaul. When we get the Phaco handpiece, our professionals start the determination by completely dismantling the instrument, including the transducer. Any cable, connectors, piezo crystals and seals are disposed of, to be changed with new ones. Next, we check and ultrasonically clean the shell lodging and remaining transducer parts. At that point, we reassemble the transducer, make it with a new cable and connector, and test it. At last, the transducer/cable part is fit into the shell lodging with completely new seals. Before transportation of your Phaco handpiece back to you, we check it one last time. We do full refurbishment of your AOI Oertli compatible phaco handpiece. From new connector to new piezoelectric crystals each thing will get changed. Simply dispatch it to us and get a work request for a free quote. Our three additional measures on each hand-piece fix include: Wiring The most in peril part of the Phaco handpiece wire is the place the line connects to the shell or the connector. This region is stressed as the client turns or curves the handpiece during an operation. Ophthalmon made a formed strain reliever to give security at the connection by conveying the worry along the cable. Security from dampness insertion Phaco handpieces are sealed at where the cable connects to the handpiece. After rehashed cleansing, the seals separate and become an underlying point of awful dampness insertion. Ophthalmon utilizes a firmer, more grounded seal that opposes breakdowns and improves the life of the handpiece. Insulation An overall reason for handpiece breaking down is a cable issue, which is because of a lack of adequate wire security. Ophthalmon incorporates a layer of protection between both within wire and an external silicone sheathing to reinforce the wire. When performed correctly, AOI Oertli compatible phaco handpiece repair is more affordable than changing handpiece completely, and as the main supplier of Phaco handpiece repairs, we would not rest until your device is in like-new under any working circumstance. To receive a free quotation from one of our handpiece experts, email or call us.