Centurion Active Sentry by Alcon, all you need to know

Alcon Infiniti Active Sentry

The Centurion Active Sentry is at the forefront of phacoemulsification surgery, revolutionizing the way surgeons are able to perform cataract surgeries. Developed by Alcon, the Active Sentry works to ensure for a safe and effective cataract removal, creating a more precise, efficient, and comfortable experience for the patient.

This revolutionary technology has been used worldwide to improve patient outcomes, reduce the time spent in surgery, and minimize the risk of complications associated with cataract surgery. By leveraging this advanced and highly reliable technology, Alcon is leading the way in providing physicians and patients with an improved surgical experience.

In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of the Centurion Active Sentry in phaco surgery, and how this technology has revolutionized cataract removal procedures.

AI-powered auto-stabilization system

The Alcon Centurion Active Sentry utilizes an AI-powered auto-stabilization system to provide surgeons with pinpoint precision and controllability of the phaco handpiece during surgery. The system was developed with a focus on improving dexterity and accuracy in controlling the handpiece, allowing for more precise and consistent incisions during the procedure.

The auto-stabilization system utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and correct any small variations in the surgeon’s hand motions, allowing for greater control and more precise cutting. The AI system works in tandem with the phaco handpiece to provide a greater level of precision while performing delicate movements.

Unparalleled precision and consistency in phacoemulsification surgery

The Active Sentry is a revolutionary phaco handpiece that provides surgeons with the ability to perform precise and consistent phacoemulsification surgery.

This technology utilizes a combination of ultrasound and automated motions that enable the phaco handpiece to perform the delicate and intricate movements necessary. The Active Sentry is designed to reduce cataract surgery time and improve the safety and accuracy of the procedure.

Additionally, it simplifies the entire process for the surgeon, allowing them to focus on the patient and the procedure, rather than constantly tweaking and optimizing the phaco handpiece.

Eye tracking & power output adjustments

The Centurion Active Sentry utilizes an advanced camera system to track the eye position and adjust the power output of the phaco handpiece accordingly.

This system helps to reduce the risk of inadvertent tissue damage, which can occur when the phaco handpiece is not accurately aimed at the desired location in the eye.

Additionally, the system monitors the eye position to ensure that the most precise phacoemulsification techniques are used during surgery. This helps to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

Real-time feedback, allowing for more speed & accuracy

The algorithms running in the background can provide for faster, more accurate, and more precise surgery. The Active Sentry’s sensors provide immediate feedback regarding the fluidic performance, suction levels, and other parameters in the surgical field. This feedback can help to reduce surgical time and improve the precision of the procedure.

No more manual adjustments to the phacoemulsification system, increased safety and efficiency

The Alcon Centurion Active Sentry is a revolutionary development in phaco handpiece technology, providing precise and efficient control of the phacoemulsification procedure. By eliminating the need for manual adjustments to the system, the Active Sentry ensures a safer and more efficient surgery.

With a touch of a button, the Active Sentry recognizes the target tissue, automatically adjusts the phaco power, and continually monitors the procedure. This technology has revolutionized the phaco surgery experience, resulting in improved safety and greater accuracy for surgeons.

In conclusion, Alcon’s Centurion Active Sentry technology is a major step forward in the world of phacoemulsification surgery. It offers surgeons a safer, more precise way to perform phaco surgeries, while reducing the risk of complications. Furthermore, the technology’s 3D eyepiece provides a more immersive experience that can help to improve surgical outcomes. With more advanced features such as Irrigation/Aspiration monitoring, the Centurion Active Sentry has the potential to revolutionize the way phacoemulsification surgeries are performed.

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