Cataract surgery in the Philippines

Cataract surgery in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the number of people with vision loss due to cataracts is increasing, and cataract surgery is becoming a more commonly discussed topic. Cataract surgery can be a difficult but rewarding procedure, and may provide the patient with restored vision, depending on the severity and other factors.

Many may be unsure of the process, cost, and potential outcomes associated with cataract surgery, so it is important to understand the basics of the procedure.

In this blog post, we will discuss the process and cost of cataract surgery in the Philippines, as well as provide information and advice on the potential outcomes. We will also touch on the types of cataract surgery available in the coountry, along with pre-op as well as post-op care information.

Cost of Cataract Surgery in the Philippines

Cataract surgery in the Philippines is relatively affordable. The cost of the procedure will vary depending on the type of procedure chosen and the complexity of the case. The average cost of cataract surgery in the Philippines is around $1000 USD per eye.

This cost usually includes the cost of the surgery, pre-operative tests, anesthesia, and medications needed for the procedure. It is important to note that the final cost of cataract surgery may vary depending on the complexity of the case, the type of lens used, and the type of anesthesia used.

Types of Cataract Surgery Available

The first is phacoemulsification, which is the most common type of cataract surgery. This type of procedure involves making small incisions in the eye, through which a tiny device is used to break up and remove the cloudy lens.

The second type of cataract surgery is extracapsular cataract extraction. This technique is more involved and requires a larger incision to remove the entire cataract lens.

This type of procedure is usually reserved for more serious cases, as it comes with a higher risk of complications. Both types of cataract surgery are safe and effective, and the choice of procedure will depend on the individual’s particular situation.

Pre-operative Preparation

Before undergoing cataract surgery in the Philippines, it is important to prepare. First, you will need to have a thorough medical workup done. This will include a comprehensive eye exam and a medical history review to help your surgeon assess your condition prior to the procedure.

You will also be required to stop taking certain medications and refrain from eating or drinking for several hours prior to the surgery. Additionally, it is advised to arrange for a trusted family member or friend to accompany you to the hospital the day of the surgery.

Post-operative Care

Post-operative care is essential for a successful recovery from cataract surgery in the Philippines. After the procedure, your doctor will give you instructions for all the steps you need to take, including medications and follow-up appointments. It is important to follow these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth recovery.

It is also advisable to avoid activities that may increase the risk of eye injuries, such as swimming, contact sports, and lifting heavy objects. Finally, be sure to wear protective eyewear when outdoors to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Availability of Facilities and Doctors in the Philippines

One of the key advantages of cataract surgery in the Philippines is the availability of quality healthcare facilities and excellent doctors. The country has world-class medical centers in some of its major cities, such as Manila and Cebu, which are equipped with the latest technology and experienced personnel.

Additionally, there is a wide array of highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologists who specialize in cataract treatment. Furthermore, the healthcare system in the Philippines is very affordable, making it an attractive option for anyone in need of cataract surgery.

In conclusion, cataract surgery in the Philippines provides a safe, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional treatments overseas. The country’s highly skilled medical professionals, advanced medical technology, and excellent patient care make it a great choice for those looking to restore their sight. With the help of a trusted medical provider, you can confidently undergo cataract surgery in the Philippines and see the world with clearer vision.

Disclaimer : This blog post is a product of online research and contains general information found across multiple outlets. This information is purely for entertainment purposes. Information provided may have inaccuracies and does not constitute medical/professional advice in any way, shape or form. Ophthalmon SA does not hold the responsibility for the accuracy of this information, nor for the use thereof.