Refurbished phaco handpiece

Refurbished phaco handpiece

The revolution in cataract surgery and eye care is best portrayed by the Phaco Handpiece. The refurbished phaco handpiece is one of the most influential inventions, pioneering the world of eye surgery into hyper speed. Thanks to the contributions and struggles of Doctor Charles Kerman, this surgery is not a pain for any of the patients or the surgeons. The risk factor is significantly reduced and the ease of usage and thus the confidence of the surgeon has increased in proportion. The phaco handpiece is a surgical instrument used to make an incision in the eye to extract the faulty, clouded cataract from the eye without damaging the rest of the eye.

Technology has been developing exponentially and this has had its much needed positive effects on the phaco handpiece as well. With better technology, phaco handpieces have been able to achieve much higher ultrasonic frequencies for vibration making cataract extraction much faster, safer and risk-free for the patient. The stability of these handpieces has increased due to better material and ergonomics. However, these phaco handpieces do not come cheap, and regular usage can also deteriorate their quality and decrease their performance thereby causing a risk to the patient and in-surgery stress for the surgeon.

Ophthalmon has been providing an excellent solution to this problem. Buy refurbished phaco handpiece is their solution. This doesn’t account for the complete picture. Ophthalmon has excellent engineers and technicians working 24/7 along with the customer service to provide the best repairs and services for a used phaco handpiece that isn’t working at its 100% capacity. So buy refurbished phaco handpiece doesn’t only mean to buy already repaired phaco handpieces from them, but to also utilize their astonishing repair services for our used phaco handpiece. Phaco handpiece fix is the best answer for a non-working phaco handpiece.

Ophthalmon SA offers a full renovation for your used phaco handpiece at a small amount, with a year guarantee. In addition to the fact that repairing is done, if you so choose, the complete phaco handpiece can be completely revamped. The end product of a complete renovation would be a completely useful phaco handpiece that works just like new.

All the more explicitly what you get is:

  • New piezoelectric crystals
  • New connector
  • New cable
  • New terminals
  • New seals
  • New strain alleviation
  • New O-rings
  • New chipset
  • New inner wiring
  • New shims

Under Ophthalmon’s phaco handpiece fix administration, only the external metallic chamber that the specialist grasps is kept, while completely supplanting every other part. In this way, what emerges from the workshop is a pristine phaco handpiece with your old metallic wrapping. Ophthalmon invests wholeheartedly in the detail of the work and consistently ensure every single bit of phaco handpiece that gets through the lab is tried in extraordinary detail to be working ideally. Here at Ophthalmon SA, any brand or model of phaco handpiece can be fixed. Even if it’s from the most recent phaco machines of the two worldwide monsters (Alcon Centurion and Bausch and Lomb Stellaris) or any other maker, (Oertli or Lumed).