Phaco handpiece repair in UK and why you shouldn’t do it!

phaco handpiece repair UK

According to 2020 National Healthcare System Digital statistics, there are over 2.800 Ophthalmologists across UK, performing around 330.000 cataract surgeries annually. With such a high number of phacoemulsification surgeries, the total annual cost in consumables is great for every ophthalmology clinic.

At an average cost of 5.000 EUR per phaco handpiece that lasts for approximately 500 surgeries, UK pays over 3.300.000 EUR (yes that is 3 millions) on phaco handpieces alone. It is certainly the clever option to seek for someone to fix your phaco handpiece instead of buying a new one. Refurbished phacoemulsification handpieces have the same life span as a brand new one. But why not in UK?

6 reasons why not to

  • There is not a single company in UK that makes that repair in-house. Every company outsources that repair to other companies (mostly to us). So why not cut out the middleman and save money?
  • You really don’t want to have your phaco handpiece handled by some inexperienced technician in India. And you really want to have it repaired using only brand new consumable parts, not whatever leftovers used handpieces have.
  • Phaco handpiece repairs in UK will be paid in Pounds. We charge in Euros. The price difference is certainly in your favor. In case someone offers you a lower price, we can certainly match that.
  • Transportation from UK to Greece takes a day or two. So that is practically the same time you’d need to ship a parcel from London to Manchester.
  • We can arrange transportation from your clinic and back to you. You only have to print the label we send you and find a small box or a bubble envelope to put the handpiece in.
  • We’ve repaired thousands of handpieces from Japan to USA and from Denmark to Oman. We know what we are doing.

Don’t throw away your money during these hard times. Trust your ophthalmology repairs with us. Contact us now for a non-binding quotation. Your phaco handle will work once again like a new one, but at a cost of 20% of a new one.

Make the clever choice and contact Ophthalmon.