Alcon Infiniti Ozil Phaco Handpiece Cleaning Instructions and Instructions for Use IFU

Alcon Infiniti Ozil Phaco Handpiece Cleaning Instructions - Instructions for Use IFU

Phaco handpiece is a very fragile part of the phacoemulsification machine. Proper handling it before, during and after the phaco surgery is very important in order to enhance its longevity and improve its life span. Similarly, the doctor or the assistant performing the cleaning after each surgery must be very thorough.

Below are the Alcon Infiniti Ozil phaco handpiece 8065750469 cleaning instructions, as well as a few tips.

  • Carefully remove the I/A tubes from the phaco handpiece
  • Unplug the connector from the phaco machine and put on its protection lid.
  • Using a proper wrench tip, slowly unscrew the tip and remove it along with its sleeve. You may then either discard the phaco tip if it is single use or continue with its sterilization if it’s for multiple uses.
  • Now you need to grab a piece of soft cloth, without any lint and use this to remove any debris from the phaco handpiece.
  • Using sterile deionized water, you may now wash off any leftover residues on the phaco handpiece and if needed use a very soft brush for the external part. Note that the water you will use has to be in room temperature.
  • Using a sterile bowl, soak the handpiece using once again sterile deionized water. You should only soak the metallic part of the handpiece, not the cable or the connector.
  • Push with the use of a syringe several CC of the solution through both I/A ports and flush them with air.
  • Use a dry piece of fabric, to wipe any left over water on the handpiece.
  • Look at the phaco handpiece closely in order to ensure there is no debris left on it or any other kind of residue. Repeat the process if needed.
  • Place it carefully on a sterilization tray to autoclave the phaco handpiece in order to sterilize it in accordance with manufacturer’s directions.

So if you came here either looking for alcon phaco handpiece cleaning instructions or alcon phaco handpiece ifu, the most important part is to follow manufacturer’s directions as they can be found on the leaflet, when you purchased the phaco handpiece.

Even though most of these directions can be applied to every kind of brand of phaco handpiece and every kind of different model, each one has its own peculiarities, so you should only follow the instructions from the leaflet.

You can find the Alcon Infiniti Ozil Phaco Handpiece 8065750469 Cleaning Instructions and Alcon Infiniti Ozil Phaco Handpiece 8065750469 Instructions for Use IFU, as these are found on the inserted leaflet below.

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