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Mastel Stegmann-MicroCrescent_sqr_bl_rt Diamond Knife

Mastel – Crescent & Tunnel Diamond Knife

Mastel Crescent Tunnel diamond scalpel 

Mastel’s line of premium quality diamond scalpels has set an irreplaceable standard in the medical industry. Renowned surgeons worldwide trust the Mastel brand for its unique approach and optimum accuracy. It's safe to say that no other brand has got what Mastel has.  It takes a lot of time and effort to instil the level of trust that people have in Mastel. This can be seen not only amongst famed surgeons but also amongst some of the top medical institutions of today.  In this article, we will be taking a detailed look at the Mastel series of crescent diamond scalpels. These scalpels have garnered a vast number of positive reviews from medical practitioners worldwide. So, without further ado, let's get right to it. 
Mastel Davis-Doubler_3.3.21-129 Diamond Knife

Mastel – Micrometer Diamond Knife

Mastel Micrometer Diamond Scalpels

The Mastel range of micrometer diamond scalpels is one the best when it comes to ophthalmology instruments. The series consists of three models, each offering unique characteristics.   As we all know, no brand can compete with the quality and insight provided by Mastel. The popular company has set an exceptional standard for medical instruments across the globe. This quality of innovation can be mainly observed in their range of micrometer diamond scalpels.  So, without further ado, let us take a detailed look at each of the three scalpels in this range. 
Mastel Stealth-Fine-Triamond_Nichamin-classic_sqr_bl_rt Diamond Knife

Mastel – Preset & Step Diamond Knife

Mastel Preset and Step Diamond scalpels

Doug Mastel has risen to fame as one of the top innovators in the development of medical and surgical instruments. His expert knowledge in the design and production of new medical technology has brought us to a new era of invention.  His work can be seen in the many professional pieces of equipment that Mastel offers. These include everything from efficient clinical appliances to high-grade surgical devices.   As we all know, Doug Mastel himself is one of the most highly qualified surgeons in ophthalmology. It is the many years of experience and learning on the job that gave rise to his medical innovations. Today, we will be looking at two significant products from Mastel’s novelty brand. 
Mastel Ahmed-SuperPentiahm Diamond knife

Mastel – Standard Diamond Knife

Mastel Medical Solutions

The year 2022 marks a significant era of technological progress and innovation in a string of industries. We have seen efficient changes and genuine improvements in all aspects of commercial technology. One of the industries that have significantly benefitted from these new developments, is the field of medical surgery.  The medical enterprise, especially the surgical sector, constantly needs such innovative inventions. After all, there is no reality where the health and well being of humanity should be ignored. That's why Mastel excels in providing high quality and efficient surgical instruments that improve the overall quality of life.  The company was founded by Doug Mastel back in 1981 and has quickly risen in fame and productivity. Mr Mastel is celebrated as one of the top minds in the medical enterprise. He based most of his creations on the knowledge gained from his countless surgeries. The fact that he learns from his own experiences gives Mastel products an edge in the medical market.  The company specialises in surgical and clinical appliances in the field of ophthalmology. Mastel employs thousands of qualified and skilled technicians who strive to improve the efficiency and safety of surgical instruments.  Today, Mastel is a recognised name in all sectors of the medical and surgical enterprise. What’s more, the Mastel brand comes with recognised and licensed by hallmark institutions such as the FDA and Health Canada.  They have an everlasting dedication to improving the quality and efficiency of all ophthalmic devices. This commitment can be reflected in any of their products. 
Meyco Diamond Knife Multipurpose step cut scleral tunnel incision opening the interior chamber wound widening for IOL implantation

Meyco – Multipurpose Diamond Knife

Meyco Multipurpose Diamond knives

Meyco has been a leader in the surgical knife market for decades now, with a loyal customer base filled with the best minds in ophthalmology. Surgeons and practitioners worldwide rely on Meyco for its uncompromised standard of quality.  Despite starting its career in the jewellery and watchmaking industries, Meyco has also made an impact in the surgical field. Its ability to quickly adapt and perfect its craft for one of the most specialised fields is no less than amazing. It shows how much the brand has risen in its adapted market.  Today, Meyco is one of the biggest and most reliable names in the medical appliance market. Their speciality is providing a budget-friendly source for the essential instruments in medical care.  Ophthalmology is a unique field and demands the application of the best tools and devices. Oftentimes, these essential devices come in the most expensive of price ranges. This can be a problem for hospitals and clinics that can’t afford to spend as heavily as others. Moreover, hospitals located in developing countries such as Nepal simply cannot risk that kind of spending.  However, this also means that most of these hospitals resort to using low grade or cheaper alternatives. This hampers the ability of the doctors working in such hospitals and endangers their patients.  Meyco fixes this problem by providing cutting edge technology at the most reasonable prices. Because of this outstanding quality, medical communities around the world have openly welcomed the brand. After all, medical care is one of the basic necessities of life and should not be taken lightly.  In this article, we will briefly go through one of the most crucial items in the company’s catalogue, the Meyco multipurpose diamond knives. 
Meyco Diamond Knife Angled mounting handle wiith J slot mechanism and cleaning holes

Meyco – Standard Diamond Knife

Meyco Diamond Scalpels

Meyco initially started the production of diamond tools for non-medical related purposes. These included milling and machining of metals to be used in the watch and jewellery industries. Although they started this way, it wasn’t soon after that they tapped into the medical market as well.  The first range of surgical diamond scalpels was created in 1975. This initial prototype was used to cut the cornea, an essential procedure in refractive surgery. Surgeons noticed that Meyco knives offered superior capacity for cutting when compared to other knives on the market.  Today, Meyco diamond scalpels have dominated the medical market and are being used worldwide. The quality of the materials used in Meyco scalpels is incomparable to any other scalpel in the medical market. This standard of gentler cutting of the cornea is a trademark feature of the brand.  Meyco knives are also known for providing a cheaper (but better) alternative to some of the more expensive scalpels out there. This is especially helpful for hospitals and institutions with limited spending capabilities. One such example is the Lahan Eye hospital in Nepal which switched to Meyco knives as an alternative to expensive disposables.  Moreover, Meyco scalpels are some of the sharpest and edgiest in the market, with an exceptionally long lifespan. You can use them for countless surgeries without ever getting the blade dull.  Today, we will be looking at some of the most popular diamond scalpels from the Meyco brand. 
Meyco Refractive surgery micrometer diamond knife

Meyco – Step Diamond Knife

Meyco Step Diamond knives

Meyco began fabricating diamond tools for machinery use through watch & jewelry activities. Soon after, the in-house machine that produced smooth and precise tools led to the foundation of their cutting-edge diamond knives almost four decades ago. Today, Meyco produces some of the finest diamond knives available in the current surgery tool industry. Their diamond scalpels assist world-class surgeons in performing refractive and cataract surgery. Meyco diamond knives are known for their superior cutting capacity, which helps in gently cutting the cornea. Their diamond knives are available in various categories, and one such category is the step knives. The company produces a wide range of step knives equally equipped with high-performing diamond blades. Let’s look into some of its features.
Nidek Phaco Handpiece repair

Nidek Phaco Handpiece

The skyline of the world that associates with us are conceivable just through the five senses we have. An approach to interface with the world and our loved ones around us, that is the thing that our faculties are intended for. The visual perception is one of the most valuable detects we have, empowering us to ingest what we can see surrounding us, to see our friends and family, loved ones. Visual perception is an endowment of Nature and is basic to endurance. Every one of the five faculties is the most significant for what they do and can't be supplanted. The most a human can do is to prepare different faculties to "fill-in" for the absent feeling. The strength of our faculties conveys an immense measure of significance in our lives. Nidek is an eyecare firm that understands the significance of the endowment of sight. This acknowledgement has driven Nidek to make progress toward the government assistance of human visual perception by helping them see splendidly, and live splendidly. With over 70 years added to the legacy repertoire, the experience they have has appeared in their commitment to individuals with their exceptionally extraordinary eye care items. Their vision and energy for giving better observing to individuals bring about an advancement that characterizes transformation in the eyecare business. With spearheading and driving items in the market, Nidek stays humble in their way to bring better eye care to the individuals. The entirety of this can likewise be found in their careful items for the eye. The hardware's quality justifies itself. Nidek doesn't keep down with the development of its careful items also, furnishing specialists with the edge and certainty they require during their honourable obligation. Profoundly dependable items that draw out the best in the specialists and give their best for the patients also.
Olympus 190 / CH-S190 Endoscope Camera repair

Olympus 190 / CH-S190 Endoscope camera

As the world advances and human advances, so does technology. And medical endoscopy camera is the perfect example. These cameras are designed to make even the smallest detail visible in high image quality. They are used in examining the gastrointestinal tract as well as many other purposes. It is a machine that has really changed the concept of visibility, and it's no wonder it is one of the most needed medical equipment. When we look into the market, you'll find a number of medical endoscopy cameras, but not all are quality assured. This brings you to the Olympus S190; CH-S190- XZ-E, the endoscopy camera which every physician needs! For starters, it is of standard quality, a durable camera that offers a number of functions, making it ideal for medical purposes. This product, in particular, has and is a reliable machine for many physicians. Read along to find out more about this amazing product!
Olympus Pigtail MAJ-1430 Endoscope camera repair

Olympus Pigtail MAJ-1430 Endoscope camera

Long gone are the days when it was next to impossible to view the inside of a human body without incision. But today, with the advancement in technology followed by the invention of medical endoscopy cameras, the concept of visibility has really come a long way. If we look into the market today, you will find a number of medical endoscopy cameras. Like, a lot. But not all execute quality and standard. And especially when it’s medical related, it’s best and safer to use the most reliable product or machine. Use products or machines that are durable and reliable. Speaking of which, the Olympus Pigtail passes all the necessities of a functional and reliable product. As the name suggests, “pigtail,” that spiral plays as the connection between the video processor and endoscope. Read along to find out more about the cool features of Olympus Pigtail!
Olympus S2 Endoscope camera repair

Olympus S2 Endoscope camera

The medical field always needs good doctors and professionals with expert knowledge and skill. It is evident that the expertise of medical professionals is a critical aspect in the functioning of this field. However, we must point out that it is not the only aspect required here.    Medical devices are another vital element crucial to achieving success in the medical field. Without the help of such innovations, our doctors and experts would be completely helpless. The complicated procedures of today rely heavily on artificial devices that ensure the success of any procedure. This is why companies that invent medical devices are so important for the field to thrive.    Olympus is a company that has been bringing amazing innovations in medicine for decades. It is one of the best when it comes to medical devices, and for a good reason. Today, we will be looking at one of their promising video systems, the Olympus OTV-S2.   The Olympus OTV-S2 video system focuses on bringing simplicity rather than overwhelming features. The device guarantees clear and high-quality images without breaking a sweat. Read ahead to know more about the features of the OTV-S2.
Olympus S5 Endoscope camera repair

Olympus S5 Endoscope camera

Medical endoscopy cameras are no ordinary cameras. These cameras examine the interior of human bodies without any incisions, and it is used for examining the gastrointestinal tract and for many purposes. Talking about endoscopy cameras, one of the most reliable and advanced ones would be the Olympus OTV- S5. It provides HD resolution with high image quality and video recording. The camera is lightweight, waterproof and convenient, allowing the physician to get an HD endoscopic view of the inside. The Olympus OTV S-5 offers high-quality performance and is very much durable. It comes with a lot of other functions making it one reliable and trustworthy machine. There is nothing as blessed as early diagnosis, and with the Olympus OTV-S5, it is possible. It is one of the highest on-demand endoscopy cameras in the market. Read along to find out more about the product!