Ophthalmoscopy is an eye examination method to diagnose retinal disorders like macular degeneration and glaucoma. The testing instrument Ophthalmoscope is used in the process and treatment is based on the diagnosis result. Hence, any error in the tiny equipment should be repaired immediately.

We are one of the best Riester ophthalmoscope repair service providers in the industry and are equipped in undertaking all the cumbersome tasks which are usually not possible at other vendors. We are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and make use of the latest technology in detecting real issues in the instrument, replace the damaged or worn out part and rebuild it to a new condition.

Any Riester ophthalmoscope repair service at our end is backed up with a repair warranty to guarantee the smooth functioning of the instrument for a certain period, probably six months to one year, depending on the intensity of the repair. It is one another measure by us to promise value for money in our Riester ophthalmoscope repair service.

In our repair service, we have no hidden cost and our quotation is based on the diagnosis of the instrument while detecting the real issue and replacement of damaged or worn out parts.

The Riester ophthalmoscope repair work at our end is completely done in-house and by trained engineers who have years of experience dealing with the product. We believe in quick turnaround time and this is the reason we try to deliver the repaired equipment at the earliest, sometimes even on the same day.

We pride ourselves in offering tailored services and for years we have been serving clients from eye hospitals and eye clinics in the neighborhood and country as well. We offer a wide range of superior-quality services and ensure hassle-free contract dealing.

As we are a popular Riester ophthalmoscope repair service provider in the country, we always keep an ample stock of spare parts required in the repairing of the instrument. This reduces the waiting period of clients to a great extent and sometimes we are able to deliver the repaired product within one day. We always believe in respecting the time and convenience of our clients, either new or old.

Apart from our core repair work, we also deal in periodic checking, cleaning and testing of the instruments. We encourage eye hospitals, eye clinics and eye doctors to reach us for the maintenance job of the ophthalmoscope eye examining equipment and re-confirm smooth functioning of it.

We have a good portfolio and this is evident from our long list of clientele. Our loyal clients have trust in us and for years they have a belief that we are synonymous with good repair work of the eye testing equipment. We value their trust and faith in us.

Our universal policies for all the clients either new or old, highly professional attitude, competitive price quotes and quick turnaround time have helped us in reaching milestones quicker than estimation.

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Riester Ri-Scope L Ophthalmoscope repair

Riester Ri-Scope L Ophthalmoscope

An ophthalmoscope is an important instrument in the treatment of eyes. It helps in ophthalmoscopy or funduscopy, which means seeing inside the fundus of eyes. The instrument is also used in a routine examination to determine the health of vitreous humor, optic disc and retina of eyes among several age groups. Any error in the ophthalmoscope instrument needs to be fixed immediately. We hold expertise in Riester Ri-Scope L ophthalmoscope repair services and have been supporting ophthalmologists in diagnosing eyes perfectly, without any mistake. Riester Ri-Scope L ophthalmoscope repair service is a cumbersome task and most of the vendors may not be able to undertake the work easily. We provide an appropriate solution and it is definitely a value for money. We have a policy of complete transparency and understand the issue of the shrinking budget of clients for buying a new ophthalmoscope. We enhance the life of the instruments. Our service includes a complete strip-down of the instrument, replace the damaged or worn out parts, rebuild or re-assemble it and thereafter test it according to manufacturer's specifications. The primary focus in our repair work is to make the ophthalmoscope function as a new unit once again and for more months or years. As we are a renowned Riester Ri-Scope L ophthalmoscope repair service provider in the industry with returning clients frequently, we always keep a comprehensive stock of spares to minimize the waiting time of clients to the least. In most cases, we are able to fix the instrument on the same day. We respect the time and convenience of clients. Apart from fixing faulty instruments, we also offer the service of periodic checking, cleaning and testing of the ophthalmoscopes. All our services are stamped with a hassle-free warranty to help clients have peace of mind and assurance that the instrument can again function as a new unit. We support the clients in dropping the idea of buying a new unit.